Food For Our Pet Dogs

Pandom our puppy just arrived home last month, it is disabled but the kids could not resist it because the facial expression of the puppy is just so cute. I didn’t know that they adopted the puppy when I woke up that night; Pandom is already in the house. At first, I don’t have to another dog, I even told them to send it back to the owner but Mariel said she already compromise and was shy to give it back. Faith even told me if I was not felt pity with the face of the puppy, it is so innocent and it is disabled. Later on the puppy was being loved in the family, even I am. I always made sure that Yohan and Pandom have their own food. I get worry when the dog food is already finished.

Here’s our new puppy

 photo d41ed878-6683-46cb-ae5e-38c057c97d35.jpg

When I went home today, I found Faith crying saying that Pandom is dying because it did not eat anything. She even told me to send Pandom in the Veterinarian because it might need treatment since it keeps on vomiting. She even told Pandom not to give up, she even begged him to eat.

I suspected the dog food that Mj bought two days ago, maybe Pandom is not used to it that’s why he vomited and won’t eat. Good thing though that the puppy doesn’t look downhearted. I would be panic then I might going to bring to the Veterinarian I guess he is doing okay; we just need it to rest.

Before I got home, I was able to buy the dog food that Pandom used to eat. I bought him Vitality. When I first bought this dog food, the store attendant said that Vitality is intended for puppy. It can shine the hair and the poop won’t smell bad. Pandom was able to like it and his stomach seems to agree. So I hope that he will get better when he will eat later, yeah we let him rest and sleep. I hope he will eat when he wakes up.

 photo c9b47e0f-d064-47fd-8b7f-3703a19e5be9.jpg

Adult dogs can also eat this kind of dog food.

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