How to Split Videos with Movavi Video Editor

From time to time I’ve found that I need to remove certain parts from the videos that I’ve recorded because I accidentally recorded segments that I don’t need. Also on occasion I’ve wanted to extract a small part of a much larger video so that I could save it as a smaller clip that consumed less space.

Although I realized that in order to do that I would have to split the video, it always seemed too difficult. The good news is that after quite a bit of searching I finally found a nice little way to get the job done with minimal hassle – and all I needed was Movavi Video Editor.

With Movavi Video Editor, splitting a video into segments was really straightforward. All that I did to split my video was:

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  1. Click ‘Add Media Files’ and select the video that I wanted to split.
  2. Find the video in the ‘Timeline’ and click on it to select it.
  3. Move the red marker above the video to the point where I wanted to split it.
  4. Click the ‘Scissors’ icon to split the video at that part.

At that point the video would be split, and I could then select the segment I needed and just click ‘Delete’ to remove it. In some cases where I needed to split it once more to isolate the segment that I wanted to remove, I just repeated the steps.

If you’d like to see those steps in greater detail, head over to:

All in all using Movavi Video Editor to split my videos was so easy that I decided to explore its other features as well. When I did I was impressed to find that I could do a lot more as well, including using its features to enhance the quality of my videos, insert customizable text, apply special effects and filters, add background music, correct common issues, and much more.

Each of the features I tried was just as easy to use as it was to split videos, which is really an advantage for someone such as myself with little knowledge or experience editing videos. Now that I am able to use these features, I can create some pretty impressive video content of my own, and the more I experiment with the features, the more I find that I am able to do.


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