Rats At Home

I hate rats!

I remember when we moved in this house, I saw only one and I bought paper glue to it right away but it didn’t work, the rat seems avoiding it. Yeah this mouse is very smart. So I stop but as the year’s passes by, it got many. Our dog can sense it and wanted to catch the rat but she is not as quiet and not quick as the rat so she came so upset and desperate to catch it. I need to do something about it. I tried the poison food for them but they just pass by it.

The other day, I dropped by at the Grocery Store; I took 2 pieces of paper glue. When I got home I put the 2 pieces of paper glue under the food rack that we have here. After a while Faith woke me up saying three mice were trapped. Mj took it under the food trap when she went home. Faith said she saw four mice so, there’s one that is on the run. So we put another 2 pieces, and after a moment saw one mouse but in the morning Mj found two, she throws them right away. I hope there is nothing left already as I hate them!


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