Our House Dog: Pandom

Camera Critters

My first time to post Camera Critters Meme. Good luck to me!

I think I already have posted the newest dog in the family. We have Pandom in the house last summer. And indeed the time flies so fast because he grew up so fast. Even he is small, he barks so loud that you will thought he is a big dog. Oh well, somebody told us that he is half Labrador and the other half, hmmm, my niece just told me right now that he is askal. (Asong Kalye) meaning a street dog. Oh well, my kids doesn’t care what breed Pandom came from, they adore this dog so much.

 photo d41ed878-6683-46cb-ae5e-38c057c97d35.jpg

It has been months already that the dog lives with us. My husband doesn’t like dogs but good thing he is working abroad so he will not able to see the dog. I am not sure what should we do when he arrives.

 photo a7d2c059-3be5-4812-87ac-ff1014dc60f9.jpg

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4 Responses to “Our House Dog: Pandom”

  1. Oh, how lovley and sweet dog !
    I like it,dogs are the best friends.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Claire says:

    You have such a cute dog! I hope your husband will fall in love with him when he comes home. I don’t know how he could fail to do so!

  3. Margy says:

    I can see the lab in him. The puppy picture reminds me of our friend’s part lab dog. He’s 16 now and slowing down a lot. – Margy

  4. Monika says:

    Sou sweety dog.