Gutter Is Up

Finally, just before the end of August I was able to talk to someone who can fix our gutter at least before heavy rain comes. I remember one night when it was raining so hard, the window in our kitchen where the gutter fall off, the rain water went inside our window that we had a hard time the whole night because we can’t close the window so easily.

Good thing that after that heavy rain, it didn’t rain that hard at all but should I wait for another heavy rainfall? So I looked for someone who can fix the tower, I don’t care if it is the same guy, all that matter is that I can have it fix.

One repair guy went to our house, after asking numbers of tricycle drivers in our village, finally one reaches in our house to ask if I am still looking for one. I directly lead him to the gutter and he told me the labor fee right away. I thought he was the one who repaired our gutter before but he said he never went here before so maybe it was the other guy.

This repair guy said that he is willing to repair the gutter by tomorrow; no need for purchasing materials because he will just simply hung it on the side of the roof. But my funds will not be available by tomorrow yet he said that its okay, he can wait he will just simply fix the gutter and he will be waiting for me to arrive after.

When I went home the next day, the gutter is already hung but the fee is not hand over yet. It took 2 days for me to pay him because he did not go back to our house right away. I thought he will not at all but after two day while I was sleeping, the kids said that he is outside and was asking for the fee. I told the kids to get the money from my wallet since the payment is ready for him to collect.


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