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Accessories And Additions For The Teen’s Bedroom

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your teen girl’s bedroom, consider some of the many projects that you can do yourself to add a bit of personality to the space. Most companies allow you to get a free quote here when you look on the website if you want to tackle a large project, like painting or installing a different kind of flooring, such as laminate flooring instead of carpet. Laminate flooring that looks like hardwood offers a bit more in the way of versatility as the teen can add a rug of her choice and in the color that she likes.

Add a heart display on one wall as a decoration above the bed. All you need is a curtain rod or a thin valance so that you can connect ribbons or string with paper hearts of different colors. The colors that are used can match the same colors of the decorations that are in the rest of the room. Your teen can stay updated on assignments and special events or keep pictures of friends and family on the wall with a clipboard that is made of shutters. Paint an older set of shutters before placing them on the wall. Clothespins can be used to secure papers and pictures in place.

For a soft place to sit, glue large pom poms of different colors to a favorite chair. The chair should be one with a sturdy back and seat as these often allow the glue to adhere a little better than a chair that has a softer material. You can add a thin blanket to the chair before applying the pom poms as this sometimes makes it easier to cover the chair instead of only gluing them to the chair’s surface. A picture frame can be used as a jewelry organizer. Remove the glass from the frame and add a fun picture or design to the back of the frame so that it shows through. Paint the frame in a color that the girl likes. Add small hooks on the bottom of the frame to hang necklaces or bracelets. Earrings and rings can be hung on small hooks that are placed on the decorated surface where the glass was in the frame.

Hanabishi Bread Maker

The other day, when the office announced the winner for the raffle, I was stunned because they called my name. I was taking call at that time so I was not able to accept it right away. It was given to me by my supervisor later. Actually I won the oven toaster; my supervisor won the sandwich maker or bread toaster. I asked him if we could swap it, he declined it at first but then this morning at work, he told me that he’d like to have the oven toaster since I left the oven toaster yet in the office we were able to exchange the kitchen accessories right away. On our way home, I gave him the oven toaster and he gave me the bread toaster. When I got home, the kids were so delighted; they are so excited with the bread maker. They bought breads and cheese and toasted it in our new bread toaster.

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My Hanabishi Bread Toaster

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Kids starting to toast some bread

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