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Too Much

The one whom I talked to about building a garage was able to provide me the whole expenses. And my jaw dropped how big it was, I even exclaimed that it looks like he is extending a room already, even the labor fee reached up to my neck so I said it is too much and told him I will just contact him if ever I will have the money already. So now I am contemplating either to hire to build a garage or to repair our window. I was thinking to put up a glass on it and the one whom I talked about it said for one window, it would cost P 4, 000.00, which is okay in my part since I would do it one at a time. So maybe I can do 2 windows in one month or 1 window in one month depending on the budget.

I contacted my brother-in-law if he knew someone who can give lesser budget for the garage. He said that he knew someone but during that time that he is available I was not. So I asked my brother-in-law to ask him if he can go to the house tomorrow. He agreed with me, so tomorrow it is, I will meet the other guy to ask for his fee and the materials needed. If he can give me lesser amount then maybe I would push through the garage but if not, then I will pursue the window repair.



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