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The Company’s Best Interest

Property damage is monumentally frustrating. Not only does it have financial effects, it is also a huge time drain. The first thing to do is contact your insurance provider. Then, an insurance adjuster surveys the damage to ascertain the perceived value of the damaged property. They then report it to the insurance company and a settlement is offered. It’s then up to the claimant to decide whether to accept the amount or attempt to get a higher amount.

Most have limited knowledge about the insurance industry. This is in the insurance company’s best interests. The less you know, the less they end up paying you. You may think they are on your side because of the monthly payments you send them, but it’s still a business. Companies protect their bottom line as much as possible.

Did you know there is more than one kind of insurance adjuster? There are actually three. Knowing what kind you are dealing with is the first step to getting the desired settlement amount. Here is a brief description of each type of insurance adjuster.

<strong>Company Adjuster</strong> – These are the adjusters that insurance companies send out. They work directly for the insurance provider, meaning they have the companies best interests in mind. Their primary goal is to get you to agree to the lowest possible settlement figure.

<strong>Independent Adjuster</strong> – Independent adjusters sound better than company adjusters, but they aren’t. They are hired by the company as private contractors. They don’t work for the company directly, but they still have its interests at heart. Independent adjusters are sometimes worse because they feel if they get the insurer a good deal they’re chances of being hired again increase.

<strong>Public Adjuster</strong> A public adjuster is hired directly by the claimant to investigate their damage, often as a response to what they feel is an unfair offer. Public adjusters require more licensing and education than the other two kinds in many states. They are sometimes referred to as a private adjuster.

The ideal scenario during a claim is to get a great offer from the company adjuster. You’ll get the settlement you’re looking for at no cost. If you don’t, a public adjuster is a valuable resource. Thanks to the years of experience they have in the industry, they know every trick insurers employ and can counter them effectively to get you the best offer possible.

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Newly Purchased For The Kitchen

Can you imagined, we only have one pitcher? I don’t understand myself sometimes why I kept on forgetting but last December when I and my niece looking for pasta bowl, we found out it is very expensive. So we bought a glass pitcher instead because we have enough budgets for a glass pitcher.

On the other hand, when we were watching Korean series, sister Merlyn dropped accidentally the lid of one of our frying pan and it broke into pieces. So last week, I went to Unitop and bought a cover, but they don’t have any lid alone available, there is a cover but it has a bowl for viands. This is a little pricey in the mall but in Unitop it is even less than a hundred. It gave me a total smile of it.

 photo 16736622_10211551332995044_947953329_n_zpslag42e6p.jpg

 photo 16763499_10211551332755038_1212503145_o_zpsoqbgtvyd.jpg

This is not much but since one of the categories of this blog is of what I bought for the house, so here it is. 

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Quality Custom Lamps and Shades

When you want to personalize the rooms in your home or office with stylish and unique accents in order to make them one-of-a-kind, accessorizing with creative and high-quality lamps and shades is the perfect answer.

You can set the ambiance in any room with the right sophistication and elegance. An atmosphere can be created to go along with whatever mood you are trying to convey. Skilled craftsmanship makes sure to include details that are luxurious and demonstrate what makes that item so versatile and conversation-worthy. Indeed, a carefully finished distinctive product will not only make you and your family and customers happy but also make everyone realize that they are viewing an awesome addition to the surroundings.

The success of any interior design is the custom details. Wicker lamp shades are one way of adding unusual and beautiful furnishings to enhance your décor and design scheme. You can choose from an extensive collection of shades made of premium materials and finishes in order to find just the right “shining beacon” to set off your individual preference to complement your motif, whether that is contemporary, classic, rustic, cottage, subdued, bold, or colorful.

You can find an excellent selection of USA-made products that can be flexible in their shapes, sizes, colors, and designs as well as a range in their pricing to fit any budget.

Fine-quality wicker is unbeatable in creating a beach house look with a coastal ambiance and a relaxing and soothing atmosphere that you remember from your vacation by the sea.

Think of a company who could create perhaps a darling wicker lamp shade in a cute tulip shape from the 1980s, or a pair of retro natural wicker hanging pendant lights similar to those in a 1950s urban farmhouse, or a vintage 1960s wicker lamp with a beautifully-embroidered linen shade, or any number of modern shapes.

Lamps and More is a fine example of a design-oriented lamp manufacturer that offers a wide variety of shades on their custom lamps. They have created “fashion forward” products for 25 years and pride themselves for always being at the cutting edge of the home furnishings market. Happy customers can testify that Lamps and More is a much preferred provider of creative luxury items.

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No Time To Do Anything At Home

I arrived home late again yesterday; it is because I dropped by in the mall to check something. I bought a new bracelet for my wristwatch and a pair of earrings. I also need to fetch Mj in the school since they had MTAP training. When I got in the school, I need to wait for almost an hour for their dismissal. I think my daughter was too tired because she asked me if we can get home right away. Good thing, I brought the car with me so we were able to get home right away, the thing is the moment I parked the car, we found out that the car got overheat, have to call the mechanic right away, we need to buy a hose for radiator. I told the mechanic if we can do it all on Thursday, I don’t have enough budgets yesterday.

I was so tired even today to organized things for the house, I need to do some changes in the house but I can’t because I am too busy. I know that I promised to have our window repair, or bought a new living room door, or put a garage spot and put a roof in our laundry area but geez I could not do it all, not this time as I need to save so I can accomplish something.


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