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Shower Caddy From Before And Now

Finally I was able to change our shower caddy, it has been a while that we used this green shower caddy ever since we rented a house up to having a house in our own. So it was like too many years, 10 or more years perhaps and finally just few days ago we were roaming around this cheap store, they sells at least P 88.00 below stuffs and I saw the cute shower caddy and I thought it’s time for me to replace the old green shower caddy.

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Checking Some House For Rent

I miss house tripping and checking some houses that are for rent. One day when my supervisor is asking for a favor if we know of a house for rent nearby, I didn’t hesitate to look around and with that I got aware that one house nearby is for rent. I even went to check some apartments near downtown but geez the price is way up too high. I was thinking what if I pushed through the idea living near downtown, our rental fee could be as high as their price but good thing I was able to find one in Highlands, in that way I don’t have to look away and besides I got the feeling that we will find one house to own within the area, I guess my instinct is strong that I decided to just stay in the village.

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Shine Out Colors To Your Home

You must admit color is the core in every design in your home, even you just leave your home painting white, and everyone will be attracted to it. It can also make our palette a space. So try to dig into what colors that can make hues to you.

Green perhaps works with most palettes; it is the color of nature so in some way it brings peace and harmony to your room. It’s a great use and can build a space to your room too.

Orange can add real warmth to the room, it is very indulging that it leaves a happy smile when you are surrounded by orange color. It can add a pop to a space.

If you are looking for a color that brings you adventure and stylish and not boring, try the purple, it is pretty yet it can really stand out as different.


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Our Wedding Picture With Our Kids On It

I supposedly will buy a picture frame but my sister got an idea where to put those school pictures of Faith and Mj and it was perfect. We inserted it in our wedding picture hanging on the wall at home and it just so perfect so everyone could see it.

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