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Prevent Issues With Your AC Unit

When is the last time you thought about your air conditioner? If you are anything like most homeowners, it has probably been a while. This is normal since your AC unit probably works every time you turn it on. They are durable pieces of machinery that can last for up to a decade, but it can be a disaster when something goes wrong, especially in the summer. Next thing you know your AC unit won’t turn on in the sweltering summer months and your repairman is so backed up with other emergencies they can’t make it out to your house for a couple weeks.

Obviously, you want to prevent issues with your AC unit before they occur. If you aren’t an HVAC specialist like we are, this can be harder to realize than you think. You probably don’t know everything that can go wrong with an HVAC system. Here are some signs that you may need a new air conditioner unit so you can fix the problem before it is too late.

1. It’s over ten years old – Most air conditioner units last about ten years before they start having problems if they are properly maintained. Even if your older unit isn’t having problems, they could arise at any time. Have one of our technicians come out and take a look at your old unit to determine if it should be replaced soon. You may even want to consider updating it to a new energy-efficient model which could save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

2. It’s Noisy – Usually, when a piece of machinery sounds different, it’s for a reason. This is as true with AC units as it is with anything else. If your unit is making a weird noise it is a good sign that you need to have it checked out immediately.

3. It seems like you are calling your repairman every other week – If you have to constantly repair your AC unit, it may be cheaper in the long run just to bite the bullet and buy a new one. These repairs can really add up over time.

Call us today if you think you need a new air conditioner unit. We can send one of our representatives to your home to help you decide on the best unit to you when it comes to your home cooling needs and your monthly energy budget. We provide the best AC repair Williamsburg VA has to offer.

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Crest View : My Friend’s Spot

Just last Wednesday, my friend went here at home for a visit, she came from Dubai and it has been years that we didn’t see each other. When she came, we talked right away, I told my sister to order some foods but as I thought it will take a while for the food to arrive, I suggested visiting her house first. Yeah she took a loan for her to have the house and lot. She brought a car with her so it would be easy for us to go there, besides the house is located a little bit near us. The main road is near but the road going there is not, you have to pass lots of trees. I thought that Deca Homes Mintal is the farthest but oh well the Crest View beat that I think because they are up ahead than Deca Homes. When we entered the subdivision, only two houses are occupied yet. Yes it is a new village. My friend likes the subdivision the most is that it is peaceful, you can view the whole downtown and the air is so cool and the community is small. The thing is that you need to have a car the transportation will be easy. I think tricycles won’t reach there yet. I was able to take a picture of the spot. The house is not yet finish but the constructor said that it will be built completely at least before September. I am so happy for her. It is indeed a dream come true and I am so excited to see the whole house in the future.

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