My New Organizer

Yesterday when we attended a birthday party, they have giveaways to be given at the guests after the program. They asked me of what color I’d like and I said green, I was excited when I received the giveaways, I’d like to know what it is right away but of course we need to wait until we get home. When I checked on it, it was an organizer and today I am using it, of course it is used as my budget plan for the house, target savings so I can start with our house renovation and my updates for my savings.


Good thing I said green, otherwise I will not be able to get the cutest one.

What I like about this organize is it has calculator, it would helped me compute for my daily expenses.

It is important to save, especially if you are planning to extend your house or do some home renovation. You don’t have to get a loan to do all that, because you just have to prepare of the expenses ahead once the money is enough.

It is not easy at all if you want to renovate your house. Some is getting loan so they can start their project but since you did not prepare, it might end up getting you a big loan and instead of you having a peaceful mind, you will get stress at all with your loan you need to pay. Why not prepare for it, save until you get the amount you may need for a house repair.

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