Christmas Tree And Christmas Gifts

This is a late post, oh well our Christmas Tree was put up too late as well since I was too busy every weekend. On the first weekend this month, I and the kids joined a Christmas Party for the Red Sail Swimming Team, it was held overnight at the Cavanico Beach Resort. We went home on Sunday afternoon; I didn’t have time to assemble our Christmas tree since I need to sleep when we got home to have energy at work at the later time.

On the 2nd weekend, we had our team building at work, and it was held overnight too at Buda in Alice Log House. I didn’t have time again when we get home. It was too tiring that when we got home, I have to rest for a while, I didn’t sleep yet that time, I feel like I have to open my eyes yet while resting. So many things I need to catch up with my youngest daughter’s Christmas Party.

Needless to say, the Christmas tree was put up in the middle of the month already. I can’t wait for another weekend because I am sure that I will get too busy again in the coming week. It is better to do it now than to wait for the weekend because I doubt to do it if I waited again. I and my sister helped each other to accomplish the task that supposedly was done already a month ago.

I just recycled the one in the box, if the motif last month  was blue and silver, I made it unique this time, I have the red and white combination. I thought it  will be dull and boring but guess what? I enjoyed looking at it so that means to say I was doing a good job.

I know I needed to put some gifts under it. Thus, on December 23rd I put all the gifts together under the Christmas tree, the kids were confused what gifts they can get this Christmas that they won’t stop asking me the same question over and over again. Good thing I was able to hold my composure, I didn’t give them even a slightest details of what they can get. They need to wait until Christmas Eve.

I bought book and wristwatch for Faith, wristwatch and an earphone for Mj, wristwatch for my niece too. I got bag for my niece Moreen and Elite socks for my nephews.

I will not be able to afford all of this if not with my earnings here. I am so thankful I am blessed enough to give gifts for my family. I could not ask for more.


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