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One Of My Milestones

It has been a while that this blog has been in hiatus, I could not post anything because it reached to bandwidth level and causes it not to be active for a week. I was relieved when my hosting provider messaged me last night that it is now online. Perfect timing because I have something to post for this blog, one of my achievement in this house, at least it’s what I thought of.

Earlier this morning right after I sent Faith to school, I dropped by at Save More near their school. Supposedly, I only have to buy dog food but I spotted a computer table perfect for the little spot in the corner of our house. I had been looking for a computer table for quite a while already but I just can’t find the right style. And so I saw this, when I asked how many stocks they have yet, the sales force informed me that this is the only one available. I didn’t think twice I right away withdraw some money from my savings for this. I believe this is all worth it. I’ll just have to take back the money I withdrew when I have the budget. Yeah, definitely I can’t wait anymore to have this in the corner of our house.

One of my milestones this year!


Next project: Door!

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What To Consider On Getting An Extension

Find A Considerate One

I understand that getting a designer can be more expensive but you see in the end, you might be thankful because it’s all worth it. Their expertise and their opinion can make your house so impressive. But of course find a considerate one; find a person who loves their job more than aiming of the amount that you can give. Find someone who is willing to go extra mile and push their limits over boundaries.

If you can’t afford a professional one then check your neighbors or friends who have the idea or talent to come up with a nice extension design. A simple chat with them can go a long way, ask of their opinions about the designs, the reason why you like it that way I am sure that they would answer right away, they can even give you tips or advise which one is the best construction design in town.

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Tips for Creating A Home Theater

Having a small theater set up in your home will allow you to enjoy your movie watching experience in an even more amazing way than you would be able to enjoy it when just sitting in front of the television in your living room. It’s a great way for family members and friends to keep up with the latest movies and enjoy association.

The first thing that you want to do when creating a home theater is choose the best location for it. You want to think about the best place in your home where you and your family members will be comfortable watching movies. Also, keep in mind that sometimes you will want to invite friends over. So you do not necessarily want to put all of the home theater items in your bedroom or in a small room where only up a couple of people can sit and be comfortable.

It is possible to set up a television, speakers, and other items that are needed on your own. However, if you were to work with low voltage cabling contractors, you could have a system set up that is not only functional but also attractive. For example, they will be able to install all the wiring in a way that hides the cables. So you will not have wires hanging down behind the television and going from one speaker to another.

You also want to think about the furniture that you put in your home theater room. Some decide to buy an entire living room set where lots of people will be able to lounge and get comfortable. It may be a good idea to buy a futon, beanbags, or even comfortable carpeting and a bunch of pillows.

Depending on where the home theater is set up, you may want to purchase a small refrigerator to put near the home theater area. This way, you will always have access to cold beverages and snacks.

Setting up a home theater in your home can quite possibly save you money in the long run. Just think about how much you will save when you don’t have to purchase movie tickets for everyone in your family and a bunch of snacks. You can enjoy new movies at home.

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I Am Saving

I can’t help but smile when I check my latest savings now, it’s not yet enough for the renovation, it not much either but I am happy because it’s increasing. This will be my project this year to come up with such amount so I can afford to put an extension. But first thing first I need to take good care of our door too, the door in the living room is damaged already, there were already holes anywhere so it really has to be replaced. I just can’t right now because I have things to be prioritize first like the washing machine, Faith’s recital and all that stuffs. I hope to get over these expenses sooner so I can move forward with all of my projects for this house. Lord please help me.

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