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Checking For Some Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday, I went out to go to the clinic where I have my physical exam done, you see I still need to submit something so after I am done updating my blogs, I went there to get my results  so that  I can get my Health Card as  well since it is required to the company that I am currently working. My eldest daughter went out with me; I made sure that she’s okay since she just had fever two days ago. As we were waiting for the result, we dropped by at the mall nearby. We checked some cabinets for kitchen since the one that I have here is almost busted, I spotted one and I am planning to buy it when we have the right budget. There were two actually, the other one is quiet big, it has lots of division but I don’t think I can use it all. What I am checking is the drawers for us to put the plates, glasses, spoons and forks, I need to see if all the drawers are enough for all the utensils I have. I may need to put some racks for the drawers. I still have to check more options for some other malls maybe they have the one I want. Hopefully!

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