Hope It Will Live Forever

I have so many plans here in the house now that my  resignation is fast approaching, yes my resignation will be effective this coming 24th of August.  One of my plans is to put some plants in the yard. Actually my sister already started it, I just can’t help as for the meantime since I am still busy with kids and work. I noticed though that there was already some plants ready to display in the back of our house, maybe my sister is just looking for some time to place it on the right spot.

I am not into flowers or plants but I realized lately that it is somewhat very neat and breathtaking if you have some green colors that surrounds your house. I just hope that I can take good care of it, otherwise I will just be waiting another dime because it got withered.

I am excited though but I am afraid as well because I once tried it, I bought one plant but sad to say, it didn’t last long, it was not even a year that it was with us. From then on, I didn’t try at all, this will be my second time if every. Hopefully this time, the plants that we will be putting up in our yard will live forever.

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