3 Services Professional Movers Offer

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial move, you will find that it takes planning and labor. Organizing the items to be moved, packing them, and then, unpacking them at the new site sounds simple. For the most part it is; it just requires several hours to complete. While most people complete these tasks on their own, you also have the option to hire the services of professionals like movers in Pinellas County, FL.

Here are three services that professional movers provide.


If you currently live in a studio, your friends may be able to help you move your things. If you are moving at least one room’s worth of furniture and other items, hiring the services of a mover makes sense. They have the ability to use their larger trucks as well as travel long distances. They employ trained movers who can aptly pack a truck so that damage is not caused to your belongings.

For a commercial move, hiring the services of professionals is almost a given. Desks, chairs and computers require extra care and space, which movers provide. Whether your business operates in one room or an entire floor, professionals can handle the job.


A professional moving company, like movers in Pinellas County, FL, specializes in packing and unpacking, too. Since they will physically transport your items, they can pack in a manner that makes the process efficient. Once they arrive at the destination, unpacking occurs seamlessly, too. This cuts down on the hours used for labor that saves you time and money.

Supply Discounts

A move requires organization, time and effort. It also requires packing supplies. Boxes, tape and bubble wrap are some, and if you hire the services of a professional moving company, they can sell these supplies to you at a discount. They purchase these items in bulk, so they usually have them handy. Plus, it saves you a trip to a supply store.

A move, residential or commercial, is an involved job. movers in Pinellas County, FL can move, pack and offer you supply discounts.

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