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Which One Do You Opt To Live

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I sometimes bought magazine, I mean before I always do but since I got too busy with some other stuff, I didn’t have time to read anymore. These past few months Condo Living magazine caught my attention once when I have done the grocery shopping. Condo means there’s only a minimum space provided for you, so you really have to maximize the space and since houses now are more likely look a Condo, this could help me in some ways and oh of course for my writing as well. This is where I learned the shoe organizer hanging in the wall that I posted this week. When I learned that I went to the mall right away to find that organizer and yes it helps us in our space in the bedroom. My niece couldn’t believe it at first but I told her till she sees it and she was amazed. This is the first time I bought this magazine and since it gives me some ideas I think I have to buy another one.

One friend asked me if which one I choose to live in a Condominium or a House, oh well for me a house is better especially if you have a family, for it is more practical than living in a Condominium. Condominium can be good if your house is too far away from down town area and you would like to spend a night in downtown, so instead of staying in a hotel, if you own a condominium you can save a lot for a night.

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Condominium In The City

My sister invited me for the Open House in one of the condominium here in Davao, it was fun aside from the foods they offered to the viewers they also have a free viewing for the available rooms in that condominium of course we did not slipped the chance to take some pictures away. If you are interested to know where is this condominium located or what is the name of the condominium you are free to message me.

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I obviously grabbed the opportunity to at least sit on their couch.

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My daughter and I in front of their huge mirror in the wall

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Their dining area, I guess this unit is intended for bachelors only as the space is just so tight

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Their 25 meters pool

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The Condominium That Has The Cheap Monthly Fee

My friend is dealing houses, in fact she is the one who introduced the Bambu Estate nearby but we still did not decide whether to get a unit or not. My husband and I are still taking chances to get some unit that is affordable to us. My friend and I just saw each other this week, and I have seen her dealing a condominium this time to a prospect customer, she is explaining how much is the monthly installment and all that. I could sense her perseverance for the customer to say yes, however the customer did not but he would contact her as soon as he decide. Yes, there is a condominium that would rise near Marco Polo; the monthly installment is indeed so affordable. How I wish we could buy one unit, my husband is interested but the thing is the building will rise up in the year 2015 and we need a shelter now.

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