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Eliminating Dangerous Pests with Eco-Friendly Methods

The Zika virus outbreak has everyone worried about mosquito infestations. These pests no longer just inflict itchy and bothersome welts when they bite you. They can now infect you with a virus that could lead to serious health consequences. When you want to get rid of mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals like sprays or foggers, you can get rid of these pests by using eco-friendly products like tablets, water treatment for mosquitoes, traps, and more. These methods are safe for the earth and also do not put you or your family at risk of chemical exposure.

Innovative Mosquito Treatments

You may be familiar with the most commonly used methods to get rid of mosquitoes. You can use sprays like repellents before going outdoors. You can also use foggers and indoor pesticides to kill mosquitoes in your home or workplace.

As effective as these products may be, they also may leave you coughing and gagging at their smell and lingering vapor or mist. They also cling to your clothing and make your skin sticky and dirty.

Rather than use conventional methods to get rid of these pests, you can eliminate them at their source by using traps and tablets in water where they like to lay eggs and live. These traps require little care or attention. You put them in the water along with two tablets and let the traps do their job to attract and kill mosquitoes.

You can use this method wherever you have standing water in your yard. For example, mosquitoes tend to be drawn to bird baths because they hold water for long periods of time without evaporating. Likewise, mud puddles are another favorite place where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and hide. You can put these traps in the standing water without presenting a risk to birds and other wildlife. The treatments also will not harm the soil or air.


The Zika outbreak will stay fresh in people’s minds for months. You can help allay their fears even before summer starts by selling these traps in a fundraiser.

People who want to keep mosquitoes at bay will buy the treatments for their homes. They also may buy more because of how eco-friendly these traps are.

Mosquitoes present a health danger that many people now fear. You can get rid of these pests and the Zika threat by using eco-friendly tablets and traps.

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Healthy Environment To Live Is Important

TCE (trichloroethylene) is an industrial solvent used by various industries and the miltary.. It is the most frequently reported contaminate in ground water and one reason why TCE removal is important. As a contaminant, it is readily absorbed into the environment.

I am not a chemist, nor do I claim to know much about pollutants, but because I value the health of my family. Whenever I read an article or here about something that may harm our health, I want to learn more. I am glad that I do not live in or near or work in an industry that would expose me directly to TCE. However, since TCE has been found in drinking water does not mean that me I may not be exposed to it.

If you find or suspect that your environment has been polluted by something like TCE, it is important it know who to go to, so that you can get an accurate analysis and have the polluted site cleaned.

What harm can exposure TCE do? Various forms of cancer, including but not limited to: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Leukemia, Rectal Cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. Additionally TCE exposure has been linked to, low birth weight, miscarriage and deformities in new born babies.
The list of health problems associated with TCE is much longer than this.

I dread the health costs of dealing with something like TCE exposure that is why removal is a must. My kids are precious to me as I know yours are to you. Make sure they have a healthy environment to live in is important.

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Health Hazard

I usually don’t care where and what is the position of the house when I come for viewing but this time when I checked one house that I went to before, exactly this month I wondered where the septic tank located. I mean when they told me that the kitchen was expanded in the back, I noticed immediately of something that was missing. I checked outside I don’t see any mark for septic tank so I asked the one who toured me the house, even she was confused. We checked on the side we could not see any until we noticed a square spot just inside the kitchen near the kitchen sink and I was pretty sure that the septic tank was there. Just right in front the sink and inside the kitchen. I was like uh uh, a septic tank should not be inside the house it is a health hazard. The person who toured me tried to convince that the septic tank might be outside just beside the house but I am really sure that it was put inside the house. The owner may not know that it was a wrong idea to just cover the septic tank so they can extend the kitchen, they should have condemned the old one and dig another hole outside. The house was very cheap and I kind a like it but if the health is at stake then that is another story.

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Keep Your Home Safe From Dengue

 Rainy season is also inviting mosquitoes to breed in our backyard so to avoid these incidents we should keep our backyard clean, dispose of solid properly and make sure that there’s no stagnant water for the mosquitoes to breed. Check all those rotting vegetation or old wood lying about. Be reminded that the mosquitoes love to breed in stock up water, warm and humid areas.

There are also tips that you can apply to avoid having mosquitoes around and that is installing window screen as leaving your windows for breeze to enter in your house, it could invite mosquitoes to come in as well.  If you have babies at home, make sure to put mosquito nets on their cribs or stroller, Air condition also somehow preventing mosquitoes to lurk in your bedroom. You should also cover of your collected water to avoid breeding ground. Check the vases and pet drinking bowls and empty them as soon as possible. Empty gutters so rain water will not clog, dispose those old tires, and cans too. You can also place insect zappers in areas where you and your family would like to spend or stay on the day, you can also apply mosquito repellent for you and your family.

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