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Because Of The Betamax At Home

We just had a reunion today with my classmate; it was my first time to attend the reunion. We were talking about stuffs in high school until we talked about the house that we always gone through whenever we don’t have classes. And one said it was our house that we rented before during high school. One jokingly said that I was one of the richest because we had betamax and they always came over to watch a movie. I think I was the only had a betamax or VHS that time so if there were no class, they always hang out in our house. One of my classmates asked what happen to the place, told her a mall was put up in the area so maybe that house was long gone already.

I still remember that house though; I grew up as a teenager with that house. I had so many memories of that house that when my sister decided to move out, I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to move because I will surely miss the place, the house and my friends. But I guess life is not constant, whether you like it or not, we should always move forward, you can look back with the house, the life that you had there but you cannot go back because you have to build your own home to the new place, you cannot get stuck of what your life is before, you should face the future and move forward.


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There Will Be Another Renter For This House

Last Saturday, when my eldest daughter and I went out for her competition, I didn’t know that the owner of this house went here. My nieces told me that somebody will gonna rent this house after we move out. They check of what parts of the house they need to repair. They tried to text me though but my phone was drained, I could not open it. We only have until next month to move out but until now we could not still pay the remaining of the 70%, how I wish my husband will send me the money right away this week, so when I would hand it to the owner of the house that we are going to assume, I can ask him if we can already move in while waiting for the remaining 30%. It is okay for me if the original of the papers are still not on hand; he told me though that he will give me the photocopy of it attached with the agreement of the 30%.

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