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Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

If your landscape has a sprinkler system, you realize the benefits to your landscape when it’s working properly and the disadvantages when it’s not. To keep a healthy, green lawn, it’s important to to make sure your sprinkler system is doing its job.

Sprinkler systems require periodic repairs and maintenance for effective irrigation. Even with regular maintenance, breaks and leaks can occur. If you’re handy, you may be able to fix leaky sprinkler heads, but it’s best to hire a professional through local leads for contractors to repair broken pipes.

Common Sprinkler Repairs

* Sprinkler Heads – Sprinkler heads have a lot of small moving parts, so they need to be checked and cleaned periodically. Sediment often clogs water flow, and the heads often get cracked or broken by lawnmowers and heavy foot traffic.

* Valve Leaks – Leaky valves will need to be replaced for proper sprinkler operation. Since valves often connect to both water and electricity, this repair should be done by a licensed contractor who knows proper safety measures.

* Broken Pipes – Since broken pipes require digging and special tools for repairs, it’s best to hire a professional contractor. If repairs aren’t done correctly, pipes can continue to leak underground, and even small leaks can significantly increase your water bills.

Broken pipes require special attention to make sure that soil doesn’t get into the sprinkler system. A professional contractor will know how to flush the system to prevent problems and make sure leaks are fixed before pipes are covered up again with dirt.

Seasonal Care and Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to check your sprinkler system and do any necessary repairs. After turning on the sprinklers, check the spray pattern of all the heads and make sure there is complete coverage without runoff. Check for leaks and damaged sprinkler heads that need to be repaired or replaced. After you run your sprinklers for a few days, look for soggy areas in the yard that may signal leaks below the ground.

During winter, it’s important to do another sprinkler system checkup. If you live in a mild climate, you may not need to make any changes. If your sprinklers are on an automatic timer, you may need to turn off the automatic timer when winter rains begin. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to prevent your sprinkler pipes from freezing. A hard freeze can damage to sprinkler pipes, valves and heads.

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Building A Garage Soon

Finally I was able to talk to someone who knows how to construct a garage. He will give me the whole details and the budget by tomorrow. We won’t be using bars for the braces, he suggested Gemilina materials for the braces, and he said that kind of wood could not be attacked easily by the termites. I can’t wait to see the design that he will be putting up. It has been so long already that I had been planning to put up a garage outside but I just don’t have the budget and time and since I will receive my 13th month pay early, I think I can afford to build a garage. I have so many garage designs I have in mind, but I am contemplating of these two:

 photo 148638.jpg

This could be classy, but I think it won’t look good in our area

 photo 00433_Dream_House_Builder_Manila_Philippines.jpg

This is what keeps on taunting in my mind, but I am not sure if I can attain this. It looks very expensive to me at all. Maybe somewhat similar to this will do, I hope the one I would hire will not price me that much or else I will be doomed.

The pictures above were taken from GOOGLE. Credits to the owner.

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Show An Outdoor Space

If you want to have an attractive loan, plain cemented yard will not give attraction at all. The yard will always be captivated when you open up the gate and flowering plants up the space that plays off the hues in the trees that lend shade. Especially now that it is so hot, trees and more green plants is needed in the yard to cool off the ambiance. You could also put some rustic or wooden small table and chairs in the yard to feel the scenery of being in the past.

You can also place antique furniture and make it a breakfast spot.

These things are a reminder of us the simpler times. It could look vintage but there are times we need to stop for a while and feel what past can offer to us. You must admit it; the lifestyle behind us is more breathtakingly beautiful, stress free and more livable.

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We’re Having Plants At Home

Even though I keep on planning to buy some plants to be displayed on our yard, I always have no time for it especially now that I am working. Wow! Who would have thought that I will stay long in the company while I thought that I will only last for 6 months? I mean, now that I lasted a little longer in this company unlike before if ever I would resigned or be terminated, which I know I won’t be. I have this plan to still work perhaps in another company. I have this passion already to get back in track in which I was used to before. On the other hand, enough of that I will be posting more of this topic on my other blog.

And so we have plants at home. My sister is up to putting more plants in the yard now that she’s here for good. We were thinking to buy plants in the nearby shop that sells different kinds of flowers but I just can’t get enough time or sometimes oh yeah frequently I would forget or don’t have budget at all. Yeah, she got these plants from my other sister; they are giving away some plants because they don’t have enough spots for them anymore. They have to get rid some plants since the printing machine that they purchased for their business just delivered to them already.  And it acquires more and big space and they have to give up their precious plants. Of course we have this wide open arms to embrace them, I mean my sister. She was too busy the other day putting them in the right place. Now I can see more colors in the yard.

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