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Started Like This

Just last week, I decided to use my savings to put up the awning type in the laundry area. It has been like years that I am planning to put one up but I always out of budget so last December, I tried to save up and was able to come up with an amount, I planned to just withdraw it on May but I realized summer is fast approaching and it would be so hot in our laundry area, my sister already have a hard time doing the laundry there how much more during summer. So I withdraw it and hired someone to do it and its worth it, sister is so happy with it, she doesn’t have to suffer anymore under the dreading heat of the sun.

It started like this:

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5 Tips For Redecorating Your Home on a Budget

Whether you’re want to redecorate your home completely with a style that’s different than you’re used to or simply want to make some changes to improve your space, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get results. It’s tempting to go ahead and buy a lot of fancy furniture and decor at the store and hope it works in your space. But these kinds of decisions will lead to disappointment and a waste of money. Instead, make smart decisions to redecorate your home without breaking the bank. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Paint It Yourself

Nothing changes a room more quickly than adding a coat or two of paint in a fresh, vibrant color. It won’t cost a lot of money if you do it yourself, and painting your interior walls can be easy with a little practice. You don’t even need to paint the whole room. Even just adding a colorful accent wall can make a huge difference.

Rearrange the Furniture

Instead of buying a whole lot of new stuff, think about reusing and repurposing things that you already have. Think about the way your furniture would look in a different arrangement, including moving furniture between rooms. Rearranging your furniture can make a big change for little money.

Buy Furniture at a Reputable Store

Don’t waste your money on low-quality goods that you buy on impulse. Do your research before you buy. For example, if you need phoenix area furniture stores, try to find a company with a good reputation like Kerbys Furniture. That way you’ll know you’re getting something good and can feel confident that it will last a long time.

Add Fun Details

You don’t have to buy new furniture if you redecorate the old stuff with new accessories. Add throw pillows in a bright color or add a funky and fun rug on the floor. A piece of art on the wall or table can add sophistication and interest to any room. Pick something that you really love to add character to your space.

Be creative and Do it Yourself

Even if you’re not a very crafty person, try your hand at some home decor projects. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make minor changes to your home and furniture with a little work. Let your personality shine through your decor.

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Finance Your Home Renovation Wisely

I have so many plans to upgrade this house but the only problem is we don’t have enough budgets. I tried so hard saving some bucks but unfortunately I failed. I withdraw some few days ago and I was not able to deposit some money last payroll I had.

What about you guys how do you finance your home renovation?

Well, I was able to check some tips for us to successfully finance if you have plans to do a home renovation.

It is great if you have cash so you don’t have loan some money to support the renovation. It is not recommended to do a mutual fund withdrawal because it will draw more or even charge you a high interest that you can ever imagine. You have to think yet the loss of compound interest plus the penalties for early withdrawal. You may realize that getting a loan is cheaper than a mutual fund.

Another option is with plastic but there are pros and cons to use credit card when you finance a home renovation, there is no interest yes but not always. You will just surprise when the statement arrives, the interest is more way too much than you expected. But the advantage of this is you can just use the credit limit that you have in your credit card. It would be more likely if you have enough credit limits to cover your finances for home renovation. You don’t have to wait anymore for loan approval because you can just withdraw it in your credit card or buy materials using the credit card. It is absolutely so easy.

The most straightforward to finance a renovation is through bank loan, especially if you need a large amount of money. Installment payment can be withdrawn from your savings account, it could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly if your budget would allow you, and a weekly payment can be arranged. High interest can be saved if you pay it weekly than arranged with monthly. Interests for monthly payment can be so high that you might not be able to afford.

On the other hand, for you to support the home renovation, first thing is to plan ahead, you must know the cost, the labor fee, materials that should be needed for the renovation. In that way, you will not be out of budget and some important expenses cannot be affected with the home renovation.


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20 Pesos Increment For Savings

Darn! I was not able to put up a garage and even our laundry area is still bare, even our sink needs repair and I don’t have funds already to support it. My 13th month pay is all gone, talking about gifts and all that stuffs.

So I decided to just set the house repairs aside, and continued with my savings. I already have some in my bank and I intend not to touch it, I really promised that otherwise my plan will be ruined.

On the other hand, I found a trick for saving this 2017

I will use the 20 pesos savings

In the first week of January you can save P 20.00

In the 2nd week you have add P 20.00 so it will become P 40

In the 3rd week will be P 60

In the 4th week will be P 80

So on and so forth and when December comes you will have P 27, 560.00

I will use this scheme; I’m going to buy another piggy bank for my P 20 pesos increment per week. So on December I will be P 27,560.00 richer, good luck to me! Lol 


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