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Three Beautiful Ideas for Using Pavers Around Your Home

When you live in a warmer climate, you’ll love how much time you get to spend outside. You can curl up with a good book as you rock on a swing on your front porch, keep an eye on your kids while sitting in a comfortable chair and invite some loved ones over for an impromptu party. One of the best products that you can use around your home and on your lawn is a paver. Made from either brick or concrete, pavers come in different colors and are easy to install. You’ll find some great and beautiful ways to use them too.

Create a Pool Deck

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you can jump right in the water anytime you want without climbing up a ladder. Though you can install a pool without any type of deck, adding a pool deck made from pavers makes that pool the focal point of your lawn. This deck provides guests with a place to lounge before jumping in the water and can make a smaller pool look and feel much larger. You can even use pavers to create a stairway to the pool or to highlight the size and shape of the pool.

Build a Walkway

Do you love gardening and planting new flowers around your yard? Unless you have a walkway through your yard, you risk visitors walking right over some of your favorite plants and trampling those flowers. With pavers, you can create a walkway that shows guests exactly how you want them to move across your lawn. This new walkway also provides you with an elegant way to walk through your own lawn as you admire your plants.

Add a Retaining Wall

California retaining walls are beautiful but also serve an important purpose. These walls keep unstable parts of yards from collapsing because of a build up of water below ground. A retaining wall can help prevent damage caused during a mudslide or a rainstorm too. These walls feature pavers stacked together along the side of a yard or another space. Even as excess moisture puts more pressure on this piece of land, the wall will keep it from collapsing. Your insurance company may offer you a discount for adding a retaining wall. Contractors can use pavers to create walkways, retaining walls and patio decks for your home.

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Want To Paint Cabinets? No Problem

You might think that this job is for professionals only but nope you can do it in your own and the advantage is you don’t have to pay labor fee for anyone you will hire.

First thing you need to do is to remove doors and drawers, this is for better access. You also need to include removing the hinges and all other stuffs. Clean the surface thoroughly and then give a light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper enough to make the surface rough to provide tooth for the paint.

Fill the holes and dents with wood putty, make sure you have the non-shrinking one, let it dry for a while and sand the area smoothly. Put a prime in the cabinets, doors and drawer fronts. Apply two or three light coats enamel paint on the doors and face frames, this is to provide durable appearance.

Fill in also the interiors, make it light colored paint for new look. Be extra careful not to clog shelf hanger holes. You can paint also the shelves if they have the same material with the boxes.

Let it dry. Let the final coat dry maybe for days before you reinstall doors and hardware to prevent them from sticking.

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The Unwelcome Surprise of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Buying a home is an exciting time for most people, but there can be lurking problems that you are unaware of. Water damage from moisture in the basement or crawlspace areas can catch any homeowner off guard. This problem will need to be taken care of to ensure your family does not get sick from mold.

Undetected Water Damage

55 percent of homeowners surveyed in 2017 state that they have lived in a home with a wet basement. Of this group, 71 percent state they never knew they were moving into a home with basement water damage. There are times that this problem is kept hidden, but it can also be a case where the home inspector is not experienced enough to detect existing water damage when there is a period of limited rainfall.

Climate Changes and Increased Heavy Rainfall

Ongoing unpredictable weather from climate change has made rainfall amounts increase in some areas of the country. These heavy rains happen in short periods of time, leading to severe localized flooding. It is difficult to keep water out of the basement during unexpected naturally occurring heavy rains. Most drainage systems can become overwhelmed and begin to force water up drains. The sheer pressure of water against a concrete basement wall can cause failure and water seepage through the cement.

Small Amounts of Water Intrusion Cause Big Mold Problems

You may feel the problem has gone away once the major amounts of water are gone, but the slightest remaining moisture can lead to a mold problem of epic proportions. You need to have a professional restoration company inspect and ensure that all areas of the basement are dry and sealed. The water intrusion might be such a slight amount that you are unaware, yet every time it rains the damage is adding up.

Solutions for Wet Basements

Cleaning up and drying the basement is only part of the chore to ending water damage. You need to find the exact source of water intrusions and fix them. It might be poor drainage, clogged gutters, leaking windows, cracks in the basement walls or a defective sump pump. This is the only way to avoid revisiting the problem each time it rains.

Contact experts in water damage West Palm Beach FL like United Water Restoration to clean, dry and seal your basement or crawlspace today!


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Faucet And Sink Combination

Kitchen and sink, they should always be remarkable to the eyes, they should always blend together because if you have the combination of both it will serve as point of convergence. The only thing that link to the impression of a how hygienic your kitchen is you have the combination, blemish-free faucet and spotless sink. So if you want to update your faucet sink, the great is to clean it thoroughly. You can start by removing any dust stains. When it is already clean, make your faucet shine with a commercial polish to bring back the brightness, could not be the original when you have it new but at least it is shiny and clean. Repair the drips or leaks right away after you noticed it that saying “Prevention is better than cure” apply that too in your kitchen sink otherwise when it get worse, you may not be able to repair it at all and you will end up with replacing the whole sink.

Faucet can be easily repair when you have the right parts and you closely checked how the faucet was assembled while you are taking it apart. When you are repairing the faucet, this also could be your opportunity to clean and repair the sprayer attached to the faucet. But if the faucet is already busted or cracked, it is better to replace it. The same goes with the sink, if it is already discolored or whack, it is better off replacing it.

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