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Because Of The Betamax At Home

We just had a reunion today with my classmate; it was my first time to attend the reunion. We were talking about stuffs in high school until we talked about the house that we always gone through whenever we don’t have classes. And one said it was our house that we rented before during high school. One jokingly said that I was one of the richest because we had betamax and they always came over to watch a movie. I think I was the only had a betamax or VHS that time so if there were no class, they always hang out in our house. One of my classmates asked what happen to the place, told her a mall was put up in the area so maybe that house was long gone already.

I still remember that house though; I grew up as a teenager with that house. I had so many memories of that house that when my sister decided to move out, I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to move because I will surely miss the place, the house and my friends. But I guess life is not constant, whether you like it or not, we should always move forward, you can look back with the house, the life that you had there but you cannot go back because you have to build your own home to the new place, you cannot get stuck of what your life is before, you should face the future and move forward.


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A Home for your Horses

Horses need a comfortable place to call home the same as humans and other animals. Whether the horse is a pet, a show horse, or simply kept for riding, they need a place that shelters them from the weather and provides safety. There are all types of barns from a small single stall to the more elaborate. The construction of a barn will depend on how many horses will be housed and the cost as well as personal preferences.

Advantages of Steel Versus Wood

In the past many barns were constructed totally of wood. Today, the focus on durability as well as comfort, ease of use, and the health of the horses has led many to choose steel for the construction.

There are many advantages to steel frame horse barns. Constructing the entire barn of steel provides even more benefits. When using steel frames, the steel columns are anchored to the foundation which is made of concrete. Using steel protects against decay, cracking, and it is fire resistant. When wood poles are used, they are buried in the ground and often they will decay compromising the structure.

Wood barns will require more maintenance than steel. The nails used often back out as the wood constricts and expands with the weather. This can also cause it to split. Steel will stand up to all types of weather without these problems. Wood is also prone to insects such as termites. Storms, particularly ones with high winds can damage a wood barn more easily than one made from steel.

Other Factors

Another factor that must be considered is the cost. Steel frame barns are a bit more expensive than a pole type but in the long run they cost less. Why is this? The steel will last a lot longer than wood and require less maintenance. Steel is safer for horses because it holds up to kicking and cannot be chewed. Sometimes horses will chew on wood.

Steel barns cost less to insure because they will not burn like a wood barn. Property with a steel barn will appraise for more than than property with a wood barn. These are just some of the reasons more people are choosing steel barns such as the ones offered by American Buildings, Inc.

Providing the most comfortable home for the horse or horses that will live in the new barn is important. Healthy, sanitary conditions as well as a safe environment are more factors to consider when choosing the best option.

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White And Gold Theme

We just arrived from a meeting in Ladislawa; we talked about the upcoming Christmas party of the kids to be held on December 3 and 4. On our way home, I saw some Christmas Parole selling in the street, I stopped and asked how much was it? It was a bit expensive, I and Mj talked about it and she said she thinks she can manage to put up Christmas lights outdoor and just forget buying about that Outdoor Christmas Decor, in that way we can save up some bucks so maybe we will choose what she suggested.

Just recently we already put up the Christmas tree, it is almost finish, and I think I need to buy more flowers with color white and gold, yes that’s our theme this year. I will also buy 3 mistletoe.

Here’s our Christmas Tree on 2016:

 photo 15107383_10210714132905565_6110075664812263970_n_zpslawxtrxw.jpg

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Lucky Charm For The House

I am watching a local movie right now, the title is Fenghshui 2. It is about a person who owns the Bagua; it is a haunted Bagua that if you will see yourself in it, you will be lucky but after that something bad will happen to you and your family. Oh well, it just a movie so 100% it is not true at all.

Bagua is a Chinese religious octagonal contains of the eight trigrams of the I Ching. It shaped octagonal because it denotes the balance of yin and yang or around a mirror. They said if you will hang this on the top of your living room door, you will get lucky and everyone lives in the house.

I have this before in our old house but when I moved out, I didn’t bring the Bagua at all, so right now we already don’t have this kind of decoration in our house, but wait I wanted to buy that wind chimes. I am not sure though if that brings fortune as well, yet I like the sounds when the wind blows it. It is just so good to the ear


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