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House Chores : Refrigerator Mission Accomplished

It is Sunday and this is the only I and Mj can do the house chores. I assigned her to clean our picture shelves since I’ll be cleaning and defrosting our refrigerator. It has been a while that it wasn’t being clean up thoroughly and I guess some of you knew already that I resigned from work since last month. So aside from updating my blogs when I don’t have anything to do, I made sure that Sunday will be cleaning the whole house or at least some part of the house. We were also planning to go to church today after doing the house chores. It took for me 3 hours to clean the whole up and I am so satisfied of what I saw, it is very fulfilling.

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Re-Arranged Some Stuffs

Yesterday, when I went home from work I noticed that I have something I needed to do at least today since I got home a little early and that is to put the microwave oven back to its original place since the microwave oven that my sister brought from Singapore was sold out. She sold it out; it was okay though since we have microwave oven our own. The rack that we have put the 2 microwave ovens is empty now, but it was good though that it was empty because I can put things there like our printer and Faith’s books. The counter where I put my printer before is already occupied by our landline, my favorite magazines and my laptop.

Excuse my sister who is sleeping in the couch

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Thank You Ate Flor

My training started last March 16 from then on I don’t have much time anymore even to update my blog. But since I still want to continue writing, so here I am. I just thankful that Ate Flor the one who did our laundry is not making a leave at all for cleaning the house or washing our dirty clothes. Just now though because it is Holiday. I miss staying at home as I mentioned before I need a job right now so I can pay all my bills. Our funds is not enough already, even my husband is saying we still have money for the house but I can sense it that he needs some help this time. Our house still brightly cleaned even though I am not here to do all house chores. Even I am not here, our clothes are still so clean. I really have to thank Ate Flor for doing such a good job.

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Because Of Doing The Laundry

It is one month now that I am experiencing pain in my back. So last Wednesday I tried to look for massage spa at 12 noon. My cousin was with me because she needs to go to the company she applied. They called her last Tuesday for Job offer signing and completion of their job requirements. She accompanies me for a while to look for massage spa. Geez I didn’t know there don’t open at 12 noon, mostly they are open late in the afternoon already, after an hour of looking at 2:00 p.m., finally I found a spa, actually it was almost 2:00 p.m., yet that I arrived in the spa so they are technically close yet, I just asked the staff if I could wait since I will just wait for only 15 minutes and they agreed to it. I fell asleep while staff is massaging my back. After the massage, I was relieved with the pain.

You know why I had pain in my back? It is because I am doing laundry for two months now. I do the laundry twice a week, in fairness I feel the pain every after the laundry. Some friends said maybe I should need a helper to do my laundry but I refuse the idea. It will just add the expenses of the house if I would hire one. I can do this I believe, I will have to do this to save some money.

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