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Bigger Space For Music Room

If only I have a bigger space here at home, I may put up a music room, you see we have numbers of musical instrument and we just put it any corner in the house. The violin that I bought was left alone in one corner in our bedroom; the guitar of Faith was also in another corner of the bedroom. The piano is in the kitchen and oh the drums? Lol we actually don’t have drums maybe if my budget is enough for home renovation and I can put up an extension to get a bigger space. I would probably buy yamaha drums at, I am sure Mj will be delighted that we have a set of drums that she can practice playing at home.

My eldest daughter is a musician in fact she know how to play almost all of them. I am so proud seeing her playing the drums on their recital, she said she learned the beat on her own for a particular song. Her coach even congratulated her for a job well done.

 photo 16939138_1445346012205134_1515362117945104896_n_zpshxzravss.jpg

See the picture of the drum set? If I have the same size, I really need a bigger space at home. I want to do the renovation right now but the savings is not enough, so we need to wait patiently. I know for sure my dream will come true.



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The Price and Quality Should Go Together

Just like planning for house renovation or if you are planning to buy a house, you have to make a canvass what are materials needed or if the house is near of your children school or at work, or if the price is worthwhile. It is the same as if you would like to buy a music instrument you need to check if that is the best place to buy before spending your money on it. When I purchased the piano of my daughter, I have to check number of malls before deciding where is the best and the price is not that pain in the pocket but the quality is good. Remember, you can find money anywhere, you are working hard to earn it and so the price and quality should go together.

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Just Like Our Home

Just like our home, our music instrument needs also maintenance otherwise it will get damage right away. If our house needs wax or some liquid cleaner that we always bought from the mall because of the quality and the effectiveness it brought us, our music instrument needs brass cleaner at to ensure the quality and the efficiency. We always have to make sure that our music instrument is taken cared because if we don’t I am telling you, it will easily worn out or damage and you cannot use it again and I know that you know how expensive a music instrument can be that sometimes we need to hold our grip to save so we can buy the things that we want. Just like your house if it’s not well taken care of I am sure it will not last a life time.

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Good Reviews For Guitars

Mj drooled so much when she learned that her best friend received an electric guitar as a gift from her Mom. She loves to have an electric guitar but too bad because the gift that she is asking for now is a branded bag and besides I just told them that the minimum I can afford this month and they understand. Maybe just maybe I will buy her a new guitar on her birthday, I am now actually checking the if I can find something interesting for her. They offered varieties of guitars and I am sure she would be very happy about it. They have a very good review so I am sure that I am in good hands if ever I will decide to buy at the site.

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