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The Most Important Part Of Your Home

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. From time to time, it’s going to need some repairs. It may even a full replacement if you have lived in your home long enough. Improper repairs and installations can be disastrous for your home, causing extended damage and even more costs over time. This is why it is so important to hire the right roofing contractor the first time.

How do you choose the right Jacksonville Company? Very carefully. Okay, that might not be the most comprehensive advice. Here are 4 tips you can use to choose the best Jacksonville roofing company for your home and your family.

1. Choose Local – Local companies are a more reliable option. There are regional and national companies that may operate in your area, but who knows where they will be down the road when you have an issue. What happens if you need an issue fixed that is covered by the warranty and the company is nowhere to be found? A great local company will be easier to communicate with and more available than a large, out of touch national contractor.

2. About Price – It is tempting to choose the lowest price after you have compiled all of your quotes. This isn’t always the best case scenario, though. Make sure the cheapest quote is offering all of the same services as the more expensive competitors. In many cases, it won’t. You should also check the reputation of each local contractor you are getting quotes from.

3. Contact Them – Avoid hiring any contractor who comes to your door, especially after a major damage-causing storm. The best way to find a good company is through recommendations from other people you know. Your friends like you, so they will steer you in the right direction.

4. Pay Attention to Communication – While you are gathering quotes and comparing companies, pay attention to the communication effort put forth by each of them. Bad communications skills are usually a sign that they have shortcomings in other areas too.

Using these four tips will get you headed in the right direction when it comes to finding the best roofing contractor for your home. The safety of your home and the people inside of it is paramount. Choose a local contractor who is easy to communicate with and avoid falling for storm chasers and prices that seem too good to be true.

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Ceiling Repair

The causes why the ceiling could be damaged are due to a combination of water and gravity. Water that drips onto a ceiling surface could get it way through. And when this happen it will leave stain on the surface. Gravity is the major problem if the one who made your roof used 1/8 inch drywall on ceilings or spaced joists too far apart. In the old days most builders used nails to fasten ceiling panels, which can lead into a problem since the weight of the panels tugs on the nails that will cause them to slip in.

If you would like to repair a damaged seam in a ceiling, cut back any loose joint tape until you reach to where it’s still well adhered. Tug the exposed seam with a 5 or 6 inch drywall knife to make the surface smooth and guide it closely to bare the drywall. Then scrape off any texture for 6 inches on both sides of the seam. You need to make sure that the panel edges are tightly fastened to the above framing to avoid any accident.

Fill the seam with the drywall compound using your 6 inches drywall knife, adding a 3 inch wide 1/8 inch thick layer of compound centered over the seam will complete the process. Ram a strip of paper joint tape into the compound, use a knife to make it smooth, flatten the tape by pressing it hard. Leave the joint to dry. Add two finish coats, then texture the surface so the part that was damaged and repair could not be too obvious.


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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

As the summer starts to wind down and the nights begin to get a little longer, you may be thinking about the fall season that is on the horizon. With fall, you’ll have kids going back to school, cool days, and lots and lots of falling leaves. Make sure your home is ready to face the coming season and prepared for the winter that will follow it. Here are a few tips to help you get your home totally ready for autumn.

First of all, make sure you’ve finished cleaning up your yard from the summer. Close down your pool as soon as it’s too cold to regularly swim. You don’t need to drain the pool, but you do need to treat it and cover it so that it safely gets through the winter. Put away any summer equipment like a badminton net, sprinklers, or pool toys. Clean your outdoor furniture and, if necessary, cover it and store it for the winter. Taking care of these things early will help them to last longer.

Next, make sure that any major repairs that need to be done to your home are scheduled quickly. You don’t want to wait until the severe weather starts to take care of all the things that need to be done. Hire a local contractor with a good reputation to get the best deal. For example, if you need Queens roof repair, choose a well-established company like NYC Roofing Install to get the job done right. Don’t try to do major repairs by yourself, which will end up costing you money in the long run.

Before the leaves start to fall, make sure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly. Also, you can save time in the future by installing a gutter guard. This will prevent leaves from clogging the gutters and causing water damage. This is also a good time to install a rain barrel, which will collect rain water for you to use during the dry season. This can cut down on your water bill and make gardening more enjoyable. Check your local regulations about water barrels before you install anything. Once it’s in, you’ll be shocked at how quickly it will fill up with clean rain water.

Get your home ready for the fall right now. Some planning and preparation will eventually save you time and money.

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Flat Roof

Whenever I am planning of something the one that I always talked about regarding the design is my eldest daughter who is now in Grade 11 with Stem strands. While we were talking, I told her that I will be extending the living room, I will be putting an additional bedroom and will extend also the kitchen. I know she is very excited so she was checking what is the design for the extension and she inserted that the roof should be flat so it will be unique. And it will be the preparation for a 2nd floor since she really likes to have a storey house.

While Mj was suggesting, I am now imagining what she’d really like, I even walked to the neighborhood to find what is Mj really trying to say. I figured out something though, it will be a flat roof from the kitchen to the living room. I hope my money will be ready because I can’t wait.

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