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Always On The Go

Yes, I am here at the clubhouse, while waiting for Jm I guess it is not a bad idea at all if I will have to finish all the necessary I need to do online. I did not bring my charger though so I must hurry now. On the other hand, I may have to go out early tomorrow to run some errands before I will fetch my daughter, so as I said I need to finish this thing up so if ever there’s a pending that I needed to do tomorrow, at least I won’t be staying long in the computer. So folks here’s the SAHM always on the go for her kids, honestly I am already tired of sending my daughter to the pool but because she wants and she loves swimming, I have no choice but to be supportive of the sports that she fell in love with.


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Swimmers Are Like Fish

Yesterday the swimmers are so eager already to dive in the water; I guess they have missed the water so much since started last week they were not able to swim because of the Lenten season. But the pool was not yet ready and their coach said when we went at the sports complex this morning for Jm’s interview, the in-charge just threw a chlorine at the pool so it would be too hard for the swimmers to practice, chlorine could sting the skin and could reddish their eyes. This afternoon, the coach of the elementary boys informed the swimmers that the pool is ready and so the swimmers packed their bags to swim, even though it was raining cats and dogs at that time already.

Swimmers are like fish, they would really look for water to freshen up their system when they can’t swim for one week, expect them to become lousy and all that. So even though there were no Jeepneys would travel at that time, they borrowed the van of the other team so they can get at the sports complex to practice.

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