Comparing And The Availability Before Purchasing A Car

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I’ve been getting messages from my car lately. It’s telling me that it wants to retire. I mean there comes a time when it is costing more and more to keep it on the road. I have gotten good service from the car, but running the kids from school to tutoring and then going from home to work, I have put a lot of miles on this thing. So now it’s time for me to send it to that big parking lot in the sky (or donate it to charity).

Well, I will begin my search by looking on, I have looked at it occasionally, just kind of “window” shopping and not really serious about buying anything, but now it’s time. I like the features and ease of use on the sight. I have done practice searches in the past for my “dream” car, but now it’s time to get serious and look for something practical.

What I need is a many van or small SUV. I do not necessarily need or want a new vehicle but if I can find a great deal on one, I will take advantage of it. My husband likes Fords and I prefer, Kia or Toyota, so I will have to see what is available on both and in the models I want. He said I might like the Ford Escape. I compared it to the Toyota RAV-4 and the Kia Sorrento.

After comparing prices and availability in my area, I think I might like the Escape. All I need to do now is go to the dealer for a test drive, and if I like it, I may have a new car in the near future. really is a good place to start your search for a new vehicle.

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Got The Car Today

Finally, the car is now fixed, I supposed to pick it up yesterday but they checked yet the carburetor and so as they need to road test it so I decided to just get it this morning. Actually, the owner of the shop send the car to our house and I just paid him, the remaining balance here. And right away I have road test it myself, I send Faith to her school then I went to Mintal for fuel, the owner of the shop have fuel the car for about 4 liters but when I check the gauge, it is almost empty. I added about P300.00, which is about 5 liters, but I noticed that the gauge didn’t even move. So I asked them of the gauge when I went back, they told me to just observe it if I would fuel like P1, 000 pesos, which is about 17 liters. I went to a car wash station and then after they foam wash the car, I was so happy to know that the gauge was moving to the half tank level. I went back to Mj’s school, and then went to the Woodridge, it is now slowly moving upright. It went down but not too much unlike before. I hope this is it; I hope the car is now fixed because right now, I can’t afford to buy another car even I have to sell this. 
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Flat Tire

Early this morning when I put the garbage out in the house, I noticed that the tire of my car is flat as in super, I could not just drive it to the shop. Good thing that the owner of the shop is always available and right after I called him on the phone, he went here right away to replace the tire and install the spare tire I had at the back of my car. So today, I will have to go to the vulcanizing shop for that flat tire. I am actually trying to write this post fast, sigh! Later, I have to send Mj to her training and yet my Internet connection is slow!

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No Cars Allowed On All Souls Day

Today is Saturday and everyone are rushing to get home since on Monday is holiday and that’s up to November 02, 2011 to make way for All Souls Day and All Saints Day. I am not sure if I will bring my car to visit my Dad, my sister said that there would be no car allowed in the area besides my car is still in the shop right now. I just bought a clutch compressor yesterday but my mechanic just messaged me this morning that it was not the same size as the old one and it has to be with the same size so I went there again to replace the one that I bought yesterday.

This afternoon, when I went back to the store where I bought the clutch of my compressor, the downtown was not that crowded yet when we went home tonight, all sides were heavy. And when times like this, I always wish I could drive my car so to lessen any hassle but I need to prolong my patience, I already told the mechanic to make sure everything is repaired before I would get it next week. I hope though that when I get the car, it took me months to come back to the shop again for maintenance. Honestly, I am really getting tired of it at all, how I wish I could a brand new car right away, how I wish to have money so I can buy a car in an instant. LOL.

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