My New Organizer and My New Columnar For This Year

Since I have a husband working abroad, I’ll make sure that when he sends us some money for bills or allowance, it is always posted in my budget notebook. You might call this an organizer for your busy schedule but for me I call this my budget notebook.

Nevertheless, I post all my expenses on this notebook, and at the bottom part, at the reminder notes, I wrote their all the things I need to pay for the week, my grocery budget and my sister’s pay out since I pay her in exchange of the things she is doing at home, when I am out for work.

If I post all the bills I need to pay on the day that my husband will wired me money, with this organizer, I can do it in advance since the dates are all posted already. (Of course that’s how organizer does right?) Thus, I will be able to do the budget a month in advance, in that way I can also save some money since I have all the bills taken good care already before it is due.


I also bought a columnar, about 22 columns so for me to be aware how much did we incur each month. And if we have incurred too much for a certain month, I make sure that we will improve by next month. Believe it or not, I know how much we spend for each year.

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What A Busy Day!

If every summer you are in your house, resting and not busy at all. It is opposite to my situation here because this summer is the busiest ever. Early in the morning, I need to drive my eldest daughter to the venue where they have their core and jogging and as I’ve said to my other blog while they are exercising, I am also jogging around the village. I admit it is tiring but because I want to lose weight or get rid of this unwanted fats in my belly, I really have to work hard.

Today, after the core is done, Jm and I went to NSO office inside the mall to request for my youngest daughter’s birth certificate. We arrived home almost noon at all, I took my lunch then took a 45 minutes nap. The kids woke me up since I need to send Jm to her training, her training is from 1:00 p.m., to 3:00 p.m., after that I need to see the owner of the house to pay our rent and went to Pag-ibig insurance as well to pay my contribution. We also dropped by at the American Surplus to buy some books for my youngest daughter and a board for her to write on. Jm bought the barbie doll as she promised to herself if she won in DAVRAA, she used the allowance that the DepED gave her before we left from New Bataan.

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When One Could Not Pay Their Bills

Sometimes people fall behind in paying their bills. I know that in most cases we do our best to pay on time and if we do pay late, we try to pay as soon as possible. But in some cases, when a person does not pay their bills and it becomes a big problem to the venders and if this happens the company or people that is owed money may use collection agencies to collect this debt. Collection agencies do their best to collect what is owed and most of them do it without embarrassing the debtor.

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Fees on Holy Wednesday

Finally I was able to pay my SSS contributions this morning, I supposed to pay my Pag Ibig insurance but when I get there geez the numbers are not moving so I decided to just go out and went to the gym to finish the Meme. When I was there in Pag Ibig, I realized I also need to pay my Phil Health but since the government will have a half day today, I decided to just pay for it on Monday.
On the other note, the PLDT bill of our neighbor was delivered already last Monday; I wonder why mine does not come up yet. I hope they are not late of sending those bills so I can budget it ahead of time. Anyway have a nice Holy Wednesday everyone!
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