Lovely Ladies Visited At Home

I was so surprised on Sunday as my two friends came here to our home sweet home to visit. I invited Genny to the house as well because I want to be inspired writing all those tasks, I can’t seem to think clearly what to post so with her on my side, I could put all the words together.


My friend Joyce came over too, we had the longest chitchats ever, Faith was even so happy to see her Tita Doyce that’s Joyce of course. My little teapot keeps on bugging me to have a picture of her and so as you see she made faces again.


Joyce and I were able to finished 3 bottles of coke sigh, thank GOD when I went out yesterday with Cheryl, we did not order a soda at all and so that’s a mission accomplished to me. It was a nice Sunday indeed for me, my two friends visit really made my day!


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New Layout For My Three Blogs

I am so glad that Rheayanne of Traveler’s Journal was able to create a new amazing lay out for my three blogs, yes the Points of View of Travels and Places, Anne’s Sweet Life, and Sahm’s Dining Diary have a new 3 column lay out now. Sahm’s Dining Diary was just finished today so you know I could not contain my happiness when I saw the lay out just a while so I am bragging it here. Please take a look of my new layouts, thank you!
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I Received A Postcard!

I was so surprised the other day when my daughter told me I got a card from Japan. This is my first time ever to receive a postcard from abroad and I am so delighted when I read it. Thank you so much Clang of Kizuna of ties and bonds of love for the wonderful message and thank you so much for sending me post card. Really, you brightened my day on that day, thank you so much.
By the way, it was just my luck that when I tried to take a picture of it, the battery of my camera got empty. So on my next post, I would show you the post card I received from Clarissa.
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Taking A Nap

I took a nap when we arrived home from the pool, my knees were aching, I even made a joke to my sister that when I get old, I know what would be my illness then, it will be rheumatism just like my father. I was so tired and since my daughter was still watching the TV, I told her to lock all the windows and doors since I will take my nap and she will just wake me up when she goes to sleep. She slept around 11:00 p.m., then I woke up, checking all the doors and windows and the plug if it was unplugged and here I am, trying to update my blog. I know these all nonsense, but let me just say goodnight and good morning to each one of you. 
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