My New Organizer and My New Columnar For This Year

Since I have a husband working abroad, I’ll make sure that when he sends us some money for bills or allowance, it is always posted in my budget notebook. You might call this an organizer for your busy schedule but for me I call this my budget notebook.

Nevertheless, I post all my expenses on this notebook, and at the bottom part, at the reminder notes, I wrote their all the things I need to pay for the week, my grocery budget and my sister’s pay out since I pay her in exchange of the things she is doing at home, when I am out for work.

If I post all the bills I need to pay on the day that my husband will wired me money, with this organizer, I can do it in advance since the dates are all posted already. (Of course that’s how organizer does right?) Thus, I will be able to do the budget a month in advance, in that way I can also save some money since I have all the bills taken good care already before it is due.


I also bought a columnar, about 22 columns so for me to be aware how much did we incur each month. And if we have incurred too much for a certain month, I make sure that we will improve by next month. Believe it or not, I know how much we spend for each year.

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My Tickler Is Lost!

I am back again of noting my expenses in a tickler so I can monitor my expenses daily but when we dropped by in the grocery store on our way home, the tickler was left near at where there drop box for a contest was placed.  We dropped there tonight because there’s an issue with my customer card when I renewed it on their store. I have to give the card back to the manager and I also need to drop the raffles I had from them. I didn’t realize that I put down my tickler somewhere near the pharmacy to drop those raffle coupons. I already messaged my niece who went to her classmate this afternoon to inquire regarding my tickler at the store. I need to have that so I can note my expenses for today.

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It is my expertise to budget, even before I was in college… that was my role. There was even one time that I had given 10 pesos for my fare and I have to budget it for one week. Now, don’t ask me how did I work it out, I don’t even know how to magic, it is just that I made it.

Moreover, when I was waiting for Mj to finish her session at Kumon, I tried to note down my expenses for today, I only have few cash in my wallet yet I got huge monthly dues to pay, not to mention the side mirror of my car. I have to replace the old one, that’s why I left the other one at the supplier for them to look for available stocks in Manila and they just have to contact me how much the cost is. I tell you I am trying so hard these days to live within my means but sometimes it is just so hard to follow it while everything is increasing, the grocery, the foods, tuition fees, etc., etc.

It is indeed hard to be the budget finance for the family, it is not that my husband is not giving us enough; in fact he gave us more than I asked from him. But that extra was spent to the extra expenses I incurred almost everyday, just like the sudden riding in a taxi cab, the three rides instead of a two rides of jeepney, the projects and the extra activities of the kids. I am just lucky because my husband understands me very well yet I feel like I am being too dependent on him. I need to cut down my expenses but how would I be able to do it, when I really don’t shop for extra, I don’t even shop for myself. It is just so frustrating to know that every each journey we have, it is hard to ride a jeepney. Don’t mind me, I just don’t know what to write, yay!

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When you are running short of Money

Most of us know what it’s like to run short of money before payday. Worrying about having money to pay for the not budgeted expenses that just seem to pop up can really place a stress on us. Getting a payday cash advance is one way to solve this problem. I have had to borrow money from relatives from time to time and I really hate to do it. It seems that doing so creates tension. Getting a payday cash advance from a reputable source seems to me a good idea. I hope nobody ever has to go this route or even borrow money from relatives, but if you do consider the advantages and disadvantages of both. I wonder if my husband will loan me five dollars.

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