Helpful Ideas for Writing an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be a very challenging task. Its purpose is to announce the death of a loved one and to honor them. It is a way that the loved one’s passions and achievements can be celebrated.

In most cases, an obituary is going to have five sections. The first section is the announcement of the death of the loved one. The second part is biographical information. The third part is a list of information that includes information about surviving family members. The fourth part is information about scheduled ceremonies. This will include where the funeral or memorial will be held, like family owned funeral homes Brookfield IL. The fifth part contains contributions.

You need to make arrangements for the obituary to be printed in a local paper. In some cases, a printed obituary will be offered as part of a funeral package from a local funeral home. If this is not the case, there is some basic information that you should obtain from the local newspaper. You want to know how much it will cost to have an obituary printed. You need to know the deadline and when the obituary will be printed.

You can get ideas by reading other obituaries in the local paper. This will give you a sense of what obituaries typically look like. Then you can get an idea of which style you prefer.

It is good to start with a basic list about the deceased. This would include their full name, birth date, age, residence, family member’s names, and details about the funeral, wake, and memorial service.

Then you can write down additional information. This would include things like the names of the person’s parents. You might want to write down where the person was born and places they have lived. Write down their personality traits. You may want to include information about the way the person died. It is important to use discretion in this area. All of these things will help you draw up a basic rough draft that can be used to make the final obituary.

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Every Rest Day!

I am always looking forward for my rest day because I get to bond with my kids. I even hoped that my rest day would always be the same day wherein they will do their Kumon so then after their session we will be able to go to the mall or go to the night market and eat barbecue. You see, my kids and I are just so shallow, you will treat us in a barbecue stand and we are already happy.

One time, when they were already finished with their Kumon, we only supposed to go to Roxas street to wait for a Jeepney. Roxas is known where you can find cheap meals, cheap clothes, cheap massage. You  have so many things to choose from. When we passed by at the night market, my kids felt hungry all so sudden, and since their meal is so affordable even though don’t have much money that time, we were able to buy meal for us three.

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Hiatus Again!

I know I already promised to update my blogs if not daily at least twice a week, and I promised to do blog hopping everyday but whenever my blogs are down, I could not help but to feel down too. I know it’s not all my blogs are affected but even so I feel like losing my interests. Good thing that my host helped me to have this one up again. Don’t get me wrong, this blog has been up for a long time now since it was down but I just don’t have the energy yet, plus I don’t have home topics I can share to you guys. I am looking for one though, so anyway the car is still not fixed, I already bought the cylinder head block but 2 parts needs to purchase yet before my mechanic can assemble the engine. I could not call them yet to buy the parts because my fund is not enough already. I have to enroll Faith yet to her new school before I can take care of the car parts that we need to buy and mind you the enrollment is no joke at all. But I am not discouraged, I have to work hard, I know I can take a breath in the end of this tunnel; I just have to trust myself that I can.

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The Family Went To Roxas Night Market

Last night after Kumon, since it was my off I tagged the kids to Roxas Night Market. The original plan was only to get a Jeepney for us to go home, since it is hard already to get a Jeepney if we have to wait in Kumon, Jeepneys are all loaded at all. But then when we arrived at Roxas, the barbecues were so inviting, it smells so good that it is hard to ignore. So since my kids were with me, I know that it will be fun so we went to one of the tents, and picked barbecues for our dinner and 1 hotdog for Faith.

I and Mj were able to finish 2 cups of rice and Faith was able to finish 1 1/2 cup of rice. What I like most of the Roxas Night Market is the meal is just so light in the pocket. You can bring the whole family there yet you will more likely spend about P 300 .00 but us since we were only 3, I just paid P 145. 00 for the rice, 10 barbecues, 1 hotdog and 2 soft drinks.

I always look forward for my rest day because I get to bond with my kids. Faith always asked me to stop working, I’d like to but I am afraid that if I will stop I could no longer bring them outside for a meal to a restaurant or go to the mall or bring to any activities they liked. To be honest I am still contemplating to stop working or not.

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