Thank You and Happy New Year!

2018 is just around the corner and this year was a blast although it did not start good since I and Mj had a big fight before the year ends last year and it continued before her birthday on January. It was not good, I almost collapsed because of that fight but everything was settled. We were able to guide her and helped her realized that what we are doing was for her. So I should say thank you for the memories 2017 good or bad, I am now ready to face what store for me on 2018. But I want to say a word to my family who was always with me through thick or thin.

To my husband I know we have flaws, we are not perfect. But thank you for supporting me of whatever decision I have. Thank you for not quitting on us, thank you that even though we are miles apart for how many years already, you did not give up. You are still here for us; you are still supporting us that sometimes you don’t have anything at all because you gave it all to us. Thank you for being there. We miss you so much.

For my eldest daughter, MJ. Thank you for understanding it all, I know it is hard but you chose to follow me and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for taking good care of me when I got sick and was sent to the ER. You were so worried that you were not able to sleep just to make sure that I took my medicine right on time. Thank you for making up with your grades, you see you were able to make it just believe. I know you have so many dreams in life, just keep on achieving; I am just here willing to back you up. Remember, I, Daddy, Faith and Mariel love you so much.

To my youngest daughter, Faith. Don’t you know you are so adorable? Thank you for always making me laugh. I know you don’t mean to crack jokes but you being so innocent telling me things, I can’t help but laugh. You are my joy Faith. Thank you for the inspiring words, thank you for being the sweetest child I know. We love you to the moon and back.

To my niece, Mariel. I don’t treat you like anybody else but my own daughter. We had been together since you were in Grade 4. Thank you for doing your best to be a good Ate to your cousins, although there are times that you were stubborn but thank you for listening and following my advice,   I know that I over react sometimes over things just know that I am scared that you might decide of things that you will regret in the end. I over react maybe because I cared for you too much and please know that I am always here for you.  Follow your dreams because if you do, your future shines the brightest. I personally will back you up because we always love you.

To my other niece, Moreen. Thank you for being so responsible to your Mom and your family. I adore you being so strong for your family. I saw myself in you; I know that you will be able to surpass all the hardship because you are so determined. Your future awaits you with glam, and when you are already there, please take good care of your Mom, you are the only one whom she can depend on. Keep soaring Moreen!

To my nephews Dodong and Yanyan. You both became so close, study hard and I know you can make it. I know you both love basketball, but life doesn’t always surround to the sport you love, there is more adventures up there ready for you both but you have to study hard first and reach your goal and soon you will realized you will say they are right, they are absolutely right. Just continue to be responsible and everything will follow.

To my sisters, thank you for everything and happy New Year!

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Good Reviews For Guitars

Mj drooled so much when she learned that her best friend received an electric guitar as a gift from her Mom. She loves to have an electric guitar but too bad because the gift that she is asking for now is a branded bag and besides I just told them that the minimum I can afford this month and they understand. Maybe just maybe I will buy her a new guitar on her birthday, I am now actually checking the if I can find something interesting for her. They offered varieties of guitars and I am sure she would be very happy about it. They have a very good review so I am sure that I am in good hands if ever I will decide to buy at the site.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe around Horses

Having a horse can be an exciting experience for a child. However, horses are very powerful animals and children need to be taught how to stay safe when they are around horses. The following tips can help parents keep their children safe when they are near horses.

First, it is important for parents to set a good example. They want to pay attention to how they handle the horse in order to set the right example for their children. When you set rules for how your child must interact with the horses, show your child how to follow these rules. For example, use your voice to let the horse know where you are. Walking up behind a horse can startle it. This has led to children and adults being kicked and injured. However, when your children see you using your voice to let the horse know where you are and you follow other rules, they will do the same.

Second, make sure that the horse your child rides is appropriate for their age and their size. It is also important to watch your child and the horse as the child gains experience. The more you know about the horse and your child’s experience with horses, the more ready you will be to avert disaster and allow everyone to have a good experience working with the horse.

Third, offer your kids the ability to take riding lessons from a professional. This third suggestion may be necessary if you do not have a lot of riding experience yourself. When you do riding lessons, your children need to have appropriate clothing, like girls riding pants, for example. Working with a professional will help your children to learn all of the rules of riding and help them to handle the horse in a safe way.

Fourth, if possible, get your kid involved with an equestrian organization or club. The great thing about doing something like this is that it helps your kid stay focused, and it helps them to learn how to work with horses in the proper way. It provides them with a hobby that they will enjoy. They will be outside working with nature. And for many kids who have belonged to a equestrian organization or club, they have grown up to make a living with a career that is somehow related to working with horses.

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My Girls Love Of Music

I have written about my girls’ love of music and the fact that they both love to sing and that one is learning the violin, the other the guitar and drums.  So if we wanted to record them playing their musical instruments of choice how could we do this?  Well we would need a mixer like the Behringer XENYX 802.  With a mixer, we could record the girls individually then mix the individual music tracks together.  In the case of the elder daughter, we could record her playing the drums and guitar and mix both of those together with the youngest one’s violin efforts.

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