Tips For Painting Cabinets

I thought when you are done painting your house that would be the end of it. I mean it will be forever, you don’t have to change it. Oh well, this is before when I don’t have my own house yet, so much with being so independent. On the other hand, once in a while, we need to change the paint’s color of our house, bedrooms, cabinets. So if you noticed that the paint’s color is already fading or it got a lot of stains or it is already unattractive.  I am telling you, it needs refreshing. If you are being careful, a DIY will do the trick, so that means to say you don’t have to spend more. You how inflation affects everything right, so if you can save grab the chance. Nonetheless, with DIY, you can get the chance to have the cabinets professionally spray-painted.

Now this is how you do it

If you want to get the high-quality result, you may need to prepare to work it. And that involves the following:

  • Clean the surface with Trisodium Phosphate. Trisodium Phosphate helps to remove that greasy that has been accumulated through the years. And this would vaguely incise the surface for the new paint to stick to.
  • Acrylic Latex Primer is perfect for anything. But it is highly suggested to apply a shellac-based sealer first for prevention for the problem area, stained spots from bleeding through the topcoats.
  • Lightly sand the surface after the primer dries

After you prepared the surface, you may have to decide for a brush to use:

  • Pick a high-quality brush, not a roller because roller leaves stipple marks. Foam applicator can also be an option. A high-quality brush may cost too much but if you compare the cost of hiring someone to do it, you can still save some buck for an expensive brush. Most often than not, a high-quality brush would definitely give you better results now if you clean the brush very carefully after you use it, it will serve you even years.
  • Now since we already decided a brush for the paint. Brush should be appropriate for what kind of paint you are applying to the surface. For the latex, use a nylon-bristle brush and for the alkyd paint use a natural-bristle brush.

Apply the topcoats of paint in this order:

For The Raised Panel Doors

  • The first step is to paint the panel
  • Secondly is the horizontal rails
  • The last should be the vertical tiles.

When you are painting both sides of the door, you will have to use long smooth strokes, because if you cut it short it may leave brush marks.

  • If you think that you can just do the stokes anywhere with the drawer then you absolutely doing it wrong because you need to do the edges first, then along the front faces.
  • Now if you are painting the insides of the cabinets, apply your paint to the back panel, second is the top, then the side and lastly the bottom.

Now the last but not the least, paint the following accordingly:

  • Face frames of the cabinet boxes
  • You may have to start with the verticals
  • The finishing will be with the horizontals

For a solid finish, you may need at least two top coats.

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DIY Partition For Our Cabinet

This has no partition before but during that time that my sister went home from Singapore. We don’t where to put these pans at all because the rack that we used for these pans are used now for the microwave ovens. Yes we have two because my sister brought one from Singapore.

My sister got this idea to put a partition in one of our cabinet below the sink. It was nice because we were able to put all the pans there. The partition is actually from our closet door, it was took off because Faith ride on it. I hid it for future use and I was right because we have cut it in 3 parts so the first part will be use as division. Anyway people here’s our DIY division for our cabinet.

 photo 13151813_10208928856994783_1518328829093303015_n.jpg

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Install Cabinet By Your Own

Are you the type of gal that likes to experiment inside the house. Like painting the wall by yourself, or repairing the pipes or installing cabinet. Now talking about cabinet, I have mentioned in this blog before about the division that we installed when we decided to use one of our cabinet to placed all the pots, caldron, or cauldron. I didn’t know that you can really do cabinet by yourself if you have the right tools. There are cabinets that is assembled already, but make sure that you have the correct estimates and the right referral. You can install the cabinet by yourself and just hire a cabinet installer for finishing to handle the trickiest job. like mounting and adjusting the door also for special trim work

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