Shine Out Colors To Your Home

You must admit color is the core in every design in your home, even you just leave your home painting white, and everyone will be attracted to it. It can also make our palette a space. So try to dig into what colors that can make hues to you.

Green perhaps works with most palettes; it is the color of nature so in some way it brings peace and harmony to your room. It’s a great use and can build a space to your room too.

Orange can add real warmth to the room, it is very indulging that it leaves a happy smile when you are surrounded by orange color. It can add a pop to a space.

If you are looking for a color that brings you adventure and stylish and not boring, try the purple, it is pretty yet it can really stand out as different.


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Quality Custom Lamps and Shades

When you want to personalize the rooms in your home or office with stylish and unique accents in order to make them one-of-a-kind, accessorizing with creative and high-quality lamps and shades is the perfect answer.

You can set the ambiance in any room with the right sophistication and elegance. An atmosphere can be created to go along with whatever mood you are trying to convey. Skilled craftsmanship makes sure to include details that are luxurious and demonstrate what makes that item so versatile and conversation-worthy. Indeed, a carefully finished distinctive product will not only make you and your family and customers happy but also make everyone realize that they are viewing an awesome addition to the surroundings.

The success of any interior design is the custom details. Wicker lamp shades are one way of adding unusual and beautiful furnishings to enhance your décor and design scheme. You can choose from an extensive collection of shades made of premium materials and finishes in order to find just the right “shining beacon” to set off your individual preference to complement your motif, whether that is contemporary, classic, rustic, cottage, subdued, bold, or colorful.

You can find an excellent selection of USA-made products that can be flexible in their shapes, sizes, colors, and designs as well as a range in their pricing to fit any budget.

Fine-quality wicker is unbeatable in creating a beach house look with a coastal ambiance and a relaxing and soothing atmosphere that you remember from your vacation by the sea.

Think of a company who could create perhaps a darling wicker lamp shade in a cute tulip shape from the 1980s, or a pair of retro natural wicker hanging pendant lights similar to those in a 1950s urban farmhouse, or a vintage 1960s wicker lamp with a beautifully-embroidered linen shade, or any number of modern shapes.

Lamps and More is a fine example of a design-oriented lamp manufacturer that offers a wide variety of shades on their custom lamps. They have created “fashion forward” products for 25 years and pride themselves for always being at the cutting edge of the home furnishings market. Happy customers can testify that Lamps and More is a much preferred provider of creative luxury items.

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My Samsung Component Speaker

Just this month, I fulfilled paying our oven and since I’d been longing to have a component with speaker this year, I am aiming to make my down payment since the first week in December. And finally I was able to make it recently, I saved for the down payment out from my own salary,  I am still paying for the TV though and since the monthly installment for the component is very affordable, I took it right away, the store manager already trusted me that I will pay the said item so they let me took it after I made a down payment for it.

Here’s the component that I just got:

 photo BeFunky Collage_zpsinlaoghb.jpg

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Family Picture In Our Home

It has been a while that I don’t put new family picture in our shelves, we have some pictures there but most of them are very old. So far this one is the newest, Faith brought this family picture at school for their arts, and this was displayed in the board right after, when I was able to finally have a glance on it. I find it cute. Faith really did a good job on putting some decorations in the frame. This family picture is placed in the shelves, it was simple but it was cute and most of all Faith made it.

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