Our Wedding Picture With Our Kids On It

I supposedly will buy a picture frame but my sister got an idea where to put those school pictures of Faith and Mj and it was perfect. We inserted it in our wedding picture hanging on the wall at home and it just so perfect so everyone could see it.

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My Samsung Component Speaker

Just this month, I fulfilled paying our oven and since I’d been longing to have a component with speaker this year, I am aiming to make my down payment since the first week in December. And finally I was able to make it recently, I saved for the down payment out from my own salary,  I am still paying for the TV though and since the monthly installment for the component is very affordable, I took it right away, the store manager already trusted me that I will pay the said item so they let me took it after I made a down payment for it.

Here’s the component that I just got:

 photo BeFunky Collage_zpsinlaoghb.jpg

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When Bed Sheets Are Not Useful For Bed

So what other uses of bed sheets when you could not use them for bed at all?

Well you can up cycled to use as rags and cleaning cloths. But don’t you know that farmers used it as cover crops when there is light frost. Especially bed sheets with garters on the side.

You can use it as all a sudden pic, if the bed sheet is too large  you can put it in the trunk. I am sure the girl won’t mind it at all.

If your bed sheet is too big enough, you can use it as a beach blanket.

You can use it as a drawstring bag with lots of possibilities. You can use it for toiletries, shoes and etc.

You can sew the bed sheet to make a throw pillow cases.

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