Our Neighbor Is Repairing Their Gutter

And I am so envious because they were able to do it right away when they found that the gutter is already busted. The gutter almost falling off now and in no time they were able to hire someone to fix it, in fact they were able to replace the whole gutter instead of only fixing the part that almost falls off already but me I am still trying to save at least to renovate the whole house, I need at least P 100, 000. 00 pesos to fix and to put an extra bedroom at least before my husband will arrive.  Oh no, don’t get me wrong my husband won’t be arriving soon, he is also saving for it.

Now that the car is busted, I used my savings for me to repair it plus my husband wasn’t able to wire recently as scheduled because he is running out of budget already. I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to lose hope to fix the house especially my kids are looking forward for it. I need to sell the car at least after it is fix but I also need to attend the kids enrollment.

I can see the improvement of our neighbor’s house, while I am still stock with just planning.

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Make Over A Room On A Budget

Sure that when you make over a room, it is indeed very pretty expensive. But there are ways that we can make over without spending much. When you paint your room not the usual color that you had in your room, it is already a makeover and guess what, you still have dimes left.

Moving your furniture back and forth could be fun but make sure that you don’t strain your back. Putting your bed or sofa against in a different walls will make your room in a whole new arrangement.

Your center table can make a difference, you may want to change the table top or design your center table or anything. Or you may want to put a flower in the center of your table perhaps.

Change your throw pillow; hide those pillows that are already there for a long time, you may need to check some sale in the malls for throw pillows.

Try to change your wall to wall paper, choose a bright color something that you really really like. Change your wall and that’s it. Wall papers are not heavy in the pocket so absolutely I am sure you can still save some bucks.


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The Utility Poles

Utility poles hold up cables that transmit fiber-optic data and electricity from their sources to your home. They are very important to the modern society’s infrastructure and are made from specific types of pressure-treated wood to protect them from insect damage, rot, and the elements.

Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine is one of the most common types of wood used in the production of utility poles. The name Southern Yellow Pine refers to a number of yellow pine species commonly found in the Southern United States. The Southern Yellow Pine is one of the most common types of wood used in different types of construction. Despite its feathery weight, Southern Yellow Pine is very dense and strong.

Douglas Fir

This is a coniferous tree that normally grows all over the Western United States and some parts of Mexico. This tree can remain steady even when the trunk has been cut deep. Douglas fir is known for its capacity to put up with huge loads without cracking, bending or breaking due to the pressure, making it one of the best wood materials for utility poles.

Jack Pine

Jack Pines are less common than the southern yellow pines but they are also used to manufacture utility poles. It is a species of pine that is common in the entire Canada and some parts of the Midwestern United States. Jack pines have similar advantages as southern yellow pines. However, they have a lot of knots and tend to decay slightly faster. This makes them less suitable for building purposes.

Lodge Pole Pine
Lodge pole pines are more common in British Columbia and in the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. This tree has similar features as Southern yellow pine. It is straight, tall, and lightweight, making it suitable for making utility poles. On the flip side, lodge pole pine’s bark is a bit thinner than normal pine, which makes it more vulnerable to damage from harsh weather conditions and fires.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is prevalent in the coastal parts of the Pacific Northwest. This type of wood is the most economical for the production of utility poles. In addition, Western Red Cedar has a higher-than-average ability to resist insect damage and decay. There is no need for wood utility poles suppliers to add preservative chemicals to the wood and maintain it, which translates to significant savings.a

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I Must Save

I already got our 13th month pay and I thought I can already put up a shade in our garage and shade for our laundry area but I wasn’t able to fulfill my task. We can’t find someone to do it with affordable fee, I asked my sister to look for one but she said she can’t find anyone. I already talked to my brother-in-law but he always tells me that the guy will be here but he did not. I am thinking this past few days, maybe if I can’t find someone who will do our garage I might have to hire the one who will do our garage using steel bars and not woods. But I think it requires more budgets, and my 13th month pay is not enough since I have to buy my kids their gifts. I can’t afford to look at empty handed this coming Christmas so maybe I have to set it aside. So I was thinking to save to do all the things I needed to do and maybe this summer I will be able to fulfill it. But it doesn’t mean I have nothing to do something in our house before the year-ends because after Christmas I will purchase a new door for our living room. And I can’t wait for that time.

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