To Choose Kitchen Color

When you choose paint colors for your kitchen, you should pick complementary colors, and try to conceptualize the kitchen as a whole. Why complementary color? It is because it can correspond with any other color in the room, no matter what color your plates are or tiles. You see neutral tones are always safer than bold ones. With how complex it is, kitchens are always the busy room in the house. Yes, pairing cabinet colors with walls and wood floors can be nice but it tends to be look crowded if you would choose the kind a mishmash tones.

Now with neutral tone is more likely you just have to make sure that you would add some accents on it or texture so it won’t be boring.

Pick white, neutral, and natural colors simply because they can make the room space appear bigger. It can also bring positive ambiance. Don’t forget to add decorative accents to the kitchen.

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Put Your Recipe Book At Eye Level

When I cook, sometimes I have my recipe so I can have the perfect seasoning however it is time consuming when you have to look yet in your recipe book and cook. Well this is a solution for that by installing a wire hooks near the stove; make sure to install it at eye level so it is easy for you to look at it. This helps you to cook without any hassle anymore or pausing at all just to look at your recipe book or turning the page of your book. You will see, it is more convenient to you while enjoying your newly find recipe or even your favorite recipe.

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