Bigger Space For Music Room

If only I have a bigger space here at home, I may put up a music room, you see we have numbers of musical instrument and we just put it any corner in the house. The violin that I bought was left alone in one corner in our bedroom; the guitar of Faith was also in another corner of the bedroom. The piano is in the kitchen and oh the drums? Lol we actually don’t have drums maybe if my budget is enough for home renovation and I can put up an extension to get a bigger space. I would probably buy yamaha drums at, I am sure Mj will be delighted that we have a set of drums that she can practice playing at home.

My eldest daughter is a musician in fact she know how to play almost all of them. I am so proud seeing her playing the drums on their recital, she said she learned the beat on her own for a particular song. Her coach even congratulated her for a job well done.

 photo 16939138_1445346012205134_1515362117945104896_n_zpshxzravss.jpg

See the picture of the drum set? If I have the same size, I really need a bigger space at home. I want to do the renovation right now but the savings is not enough, so we need to wait patiently. I know for sure my dream will come true.



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Building A Garage Soon

Finally I was able to talk to someone who knows how to construct a garage. He will give me the whole details and the budget by tomorrow. We won’t be using bars for the braces, he suggested Gemilina materials for the braces, and he said that kind of wood could not be attacked easily by the termites. I can’t wait to see the design that he will be putting up. It has been so long already that I had been planning to put up a garage outside but I just don’t have the budget and time and since I will receive my 13th month pay early, I think I can afford to build a garage. I have so many garage designs I have in mind, but I am contemplating of these two:

 photo 148638.jpg

This could be classy, but I think it won’t look good in our area

 photo 00433_Dream_House_Builder_Manila_Philippines.jpg

This is what keeps on taunting in my mind, but I am not sure if I can attain this. It looks very expensive to me at all. Maybe somewhat similar to this will do, I hope the one I would hire will not price me that much or else I will be doomed.

The pictures above were taken from GOOGLE. Credits to the owner.

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Workspace At Home

If you would like to achieve a clean with a minimal decorated space, it is best if you apply neutral color to your workspace. You can put white paint on the wall but make sure to apply neutral on the accessories and the furniture. Putting gray, cream, and beige, is a desaturated on the side, which mean you are mixing a color of the spectrum with white.

Put up some color with a similar theme that you have in your workspace. Of course you don’t like your space to look so dull at all. You can display a botanical plant on the top your working table, to show accent pieces and artwork. But you should limit the colors to match the theme. If you are interested with earthly accent or rustic look, make sure that you apply just a small amount of it. Little things can enhance the beauty of your workspace, those things that are hard to noticed, things can make you happy because most of the time, simple things can make biggest difference.


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Needs A Total Repair

I planned to repair our sink and planned to buy the stainless so it will long last but then I just talked to the sister of the owner of the house and informed that her brother suggested for a temporary not a stainless sink because they are planning to renovate the whole kitchen. They would maybe build a bigger kitchen that gives me an idea maybe they will move in the house soon and I have to look for another house to rent or definitely buy a new house for us. Yes we are planning to buy a house, but the house that we like is already sold out. My husband has a house in mind but I don’t know where it is maybe he was able to find it online. So even though I just have to buy an ordinary sink, I still have to pursue repairing the sink, I am tired of the leaking under the sink. It needs a total repair very soon.

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