Crest View : My Friend’s Spot

Just last Wednesday, my friend went here at home for a visit, she came from Dubai and it has been years that we didn’t see each other. When she came, we talked right away, I told my sister to order some foods but as I thought it will take a while for the food to arrive, I suggested visiting her house first. Yeah she took a loan for her to have the house and lot. She brought a car with her so it would be easy for us to go there, besides the house is located a little bit near us. The main road is near but the road going there is not, you have to pass lots of trees. I thought that Deca Homes Mintal is the farthest but oh well the Crest View beat that I think because they are up ahead than Deca Homes. When we entered the subdivision, only two houses are occupied yet. Yes it is a new village. My friend likes the subdivision the most is that it is peaceful, you can view the whole downtown and the air is so cool and the community is small. The thing is that you need to have a car the transportation will be easy. I think tricycles won’t reach there yet. I was able to take a picture of the spot. The house is not yet finish but the constructor said that it will be built completely at least before September. I am so happy for her. It is indeed a dream come true and I am so excited to see the whole house in the future.

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I Might Get Back To Being A SAHM

I submitted my resignation letter last month and on the 30th will be my last hurrah to the floor. I did not apply for any other company yet maybe after my last day however I was thinking to just stay at home and take good care of  my kids, especially when my youngest class is starting real soon. I am so excited being a SAHM again; I am excited to be the one to send my youngest daughter to school, to be there on their school program, to be with her always. I am excited to mind my own house and what are the things to improve here. I am excited to cook for my kids even though they don’t like it at times. I miss taking pictures of them sleeping, doing their assignments or just chilling at home. I miss being at home and update my blog or do a blog hopping, I miss about being at home and I will gonna do it again once I finish my resignation.

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The Little Tiny House In Kublai Park

I don’t know whose cellphone I used when we went to this small house that looks like of a Hobbit House in New Zealand, I was so amazed with the architecture, I even thought that it is just a house park, a display or something but we talked to the caretaker of the whole park and she said that it is indeed a house. The owner of the park is the one living there when he visit the place. The house is so tiny, it has a tiny living room, one tiny bedroom, tiny dirty kitchen and the whole kitchen is so tiny. But it was well built beautifully that you will have your jaw dropped once you entered this little tiny house.

The living room

The background is the house that I am telling you about

The entrance

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Summer Is Approaching, We Need A Fan!

Summer is indeed fast approaching again, so we can really felt the warm and the intense humidity. Our electric fan gave up a long time ago already and this time is I guess is the perfect time to buy not a stand fan anymore but a nice classy ceiling fan.

I hope the one I canvassed few months ago is still available with the same exact price, but I would visit it one of these days maybe to check the price. I am planning to purchase one in our living room this April after Faith’s tooth extraction. I hope I can realize this as I have so many things I need to do this summer. I am looking forward for our summer getaway tough, can’t wait.


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