Birthday Celebration At Home

Just too busy here today because I will hold my birthday here at home. Yes you heard it right, I will be celebrating my birthday with family and friends here at home. It is my first time to really celebrate it like with foods and the like because usually I am just treating my kids to a restaurant but now it’s different. I am really really celebrating it. Picture will follow. hope so!

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Crest View : My Friend’s House

One day my friend who just arrived from Dubai visited me here in the house. We had a long chit chats, I learned that she have a new house, they just got it recently. They don’t want to put it up yet since she will go back to Dubai but the developer house informed them that the spot they choose is ready to build and it is already approved. When they visited the house a month ago, it was not totally buil but when we came for a visit now, the wall was put up already. She talked to one of the staff in the village, they said it will be completed. The month that she will be going back to Dubai. They want to slow the construction down but I guess they can’t get a hold of it already.

I am so happy for her, finally they can have a home that they can call their own. Sooner or later, this house will be so beautiful just like my friend and her family.

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They’re At It Again

They had been taken cared of but I realized they are not all finish. I’d been buying rat sticker, many of it was captured but since there was a hole in our door before, they are going to get through it even we already put numbers of stickers. The hole was taken cared of last month but I always forget to buy a sticker.

Right now I can see 3 little mouse, running around the floor, and it get worst because they are climbing up to the sink already where our utensils and plates are placed for dry. I am really getting annoyed this little being, and they should wait for it this Friday because I will but lots of stickers this time. I will not forget of it anymore since it is already listed to my organizer. So wait for it little neighbors.

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Crest View : My Friend’s Spot

Just last Wednesday, my friend went here at home for a visit, she came from Dubai and it has been years that we didn’t see each other. When she came, we talked right away, I told my sister to order some foods but as I thought it will take a while for the food to arrive, I suggested visiting her house first. Yeah she took a loan for her to have the house and lot. She brought a car with her so it would be easy for us to go there, besides the house is located a little bit near us. The main road is near but the road going there is not, you have to pass lots of trees. I thought that Deca Homes Mintal is the farthest but oh well the Crest View beat that I think because they are up ahead than Deca Homes. When we entered the subdivision, only two houses are occupied yet. Yes it is a new village. My friend likes the subdivision the most is that it is peaceful, you can view the whole downtown and the air is so cool and the community is small. The thing is that you need to have a car the transportation will be easy. I think tricycles won’t reach there yet. I was able to take a picture of the spot. The house is not yet finish but the constructor said that it will be built completely at least before September. I am so happy for her. It is indeed a dream come true and I am so excited to see the whole house in the future.

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