Mommy Moments : Dear Honey

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Dear Honey,
Thank you for being so patient with me and the everlasting understanding. I know you are trying your hardest to be with us, and I appreciate it so much hon. Thank you for providing us with all your best. I may not be a perfect wife but I love you head over heels.

You showed your love and care for the kids more than enough especially to Jm, you get too worried when they are sick. Thank you that even you are so busy at work, you never failed to call me so many times, thanks goodness you don’t have to dial me through long distance calls, and that we have a magic jack, Lol. [Thanks BFF] Thank you for loving me as always and thank for always being there for us hon.

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Gifts For Him

When I asked my husband what he bought at Walmart, he told me a new wallet. I was devastated I never thought he needs a new one, which could have been my Christmas gift for him since I haven’t done anything special for him last Christmas. He told me though that it is never too late to give him some gifts, so since February is fast approaching I might be buying something as my valentine’s day gifts for him, I thought of a new shirt, belt and a new wallet so he will have a replacement ready in case the other one will be damaged. Actually I have so many things to send him in the next few months, just like the edited and the unedited wedding videos, he haven’t seen those yet so I must send him a copy for that. I already talked to the in-charge of the studio where we had our package back then during our wedding and she said I just have to pay the labor charges then in a day or two; I can get the DVD ready. I hope my husband will have a fun time watching our wedding videos from the church to the reception during our special day.
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So Worried

So it is true that when the man you loved would become your husband, you would worry more today if he is sick than before, I mean when he was sick he could still stay in the computer and talk to me online and if he want to go to bed, he would asked me if it’s okay but last night it was different, he said he would be right back but he did not, I stayed for few hours but he did not went back online. It was so unusual, I became so worried when he did not reply my message until morning my time. I called him through my phone but he did not answered, I message him again in YM he did not reply not until after like 15 minutes.

I was relieved; thank GOD that there is nothing wrong with him, thank GOD that my worries since last night is not true. He did not went to his doctor since his fever is already gone, maybe tomorrow he will be better, and we could talk online for long.

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Terry Is Now Playing Golf

Since he doesn’t have enough time to exercise in treadmills every day, though he is trying very hard to at least use it once a week, he still thinks of something else that would help him reduce and to play golf once again would be best for him.

He told me about this a week before he played golf with his friends and he had fun. Though he had a small injuries like back pains, he still fine. They rested for one week then they would play again on Saturday. I am just so happy that besides work and home to chat with us, he is now going out with his friends to do something else that would help them to lose weight especially that his blood pressure is quiet high.

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