Which One Do You Opt To Live

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I sometimes bought magazine, I mean before I always do but since I got too busy with some other stuff, I didn’t have time to read anymore. These past few months Condo Living magazine caught my attention once when I have done the grocery shopping. Condo means there’s only a minimum space provided for you, so you really have to maximize the space and since houses now are more likely look a Condo, this could help me in some ways and oh of course for my writing as well. This is where I learned the shoe organizer hanging in the wall that I posted this week. When I learned that I went to the mall right away to find that organizer and yes it helps us in our space in the bedroom. My niece couldn’t believe it at first but I told her till she sees it and she was amazed. This is the first time I bought this magazine and since it gives me some ideas I think I have to buy another one.

One friend asked me if which one I choose to live in a Condominium or a House, oh well for me a house is better especially if you have a family, for it is more practical than living in a Condominium. Condominium can be good if your house is too far away from down town area and you would like to spend a night in downtown, so instead of staying in a hotel, if you own a condominium you can save a lot for a night.

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