A House That Is Right For Us

My friend from abroad moved in here in the city and together with her family they decided to stay here. They rented a house at first; they also roamed the city for a possible exclusive subdivision they can stay for like years. They really wanted to buy a house and so they are hunting for one. But owning a house here in a new subdivision could be so hard especially the price of each unit. One day, they were able to find one just enough for their family, they said the patio above is a bonus already. They found a very nice house, recently they just moved in to their house, although they need to paint it yet however the whole package is all worth it. I guess they just found the right house for them. My husband and I still searching for a house though, we like a decent house for all of us to fit in, including my two nieces who are with me. I hope like them we can also find a house that is right for us.

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