What to Do When Your Kids Have Diabetes

Have you just found out that one of your children has diabetes?  The news can come as shock for any parent but it takes on an almost surreal nature when it is one of your kids.  After all, you’ve done everything right but they still ended up diabetic.

Beyond blaming yourself there is also the fear of how to help your child manage a condition that that will need to deal with for the rest of their lives.  Maybe is it worries about how to properly use Ketone test strips or maybe it is how to better manage your family’s eating habits – it can all seem a bit overwhelming.  With that in mind, here are some tips on what to do when your kids have diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

For starters, let’s look at what is diabetes and how living with it can impact one’s life.   The condition known as diabetes happens when the pancreas cannot manufacture adequate levels of insulin needed to transform sugars into energy.  This can be a problem as sugars build up in the system with nowhere to go.

In order to manage this condition, one will need to monitor their blood sugar level and well as getting doses of insulin either by shot or through a pump.  While this can be a tedious process – especially when a child is involved – it is needed to make sure the body can balance itself out.

One important thing to know is that there is no ‘cure’ for diabetes as it is not a disease, rather it is a condition.  Some researchers have explored the link between diet and exercise and diabetes, but even then, the research groups have been relatively small and might not apply to the type of diabetes your child has.

As such, a child with Type 1 Diabetes will probably need to get used to being constantly poked and prodded. For parents, this means learning you to alleviate a child’s fear of needles and blood.  Sure, it is on a pin-prick but it can still be hard for a young child to cope with this.  Some tips include using ice or a numbing cream on the skin, sight or sound diversions, or even potential rewards as motivations.

It’s Normal to Worry

As a parent with a diabetic child, it is normal to have some worries.  These can include blaming yourself or looking at environmental factors.  While this is natural, you don’t want to dwell on this for too long as the reality is that there was probably nothing you could do – especially when the child has Type 1 diabetes.

Instead, you want to focus your energy on learning on diabetes.  This can include learning about the impacts of the condition, what diet and lifestyle hacks can help to improve your child’s outlook, and importantly what treatments are most effective and why.

Healthy Living

As you go through your learning journey, one thing that is bound to come up is the concept of healthy living.  This can extend to making over the diet of your entire family, including becoming more discerning about what to eat when you eat out, and finally looking at exercise – especially what can be done as a family.

While this might be a welcome step – after all, most parents probably want to increase their fitness levels.  However, it can be a bit stressful for other children who might not understand why they can’t have ice cream all the time.  As such, you’ll want to look at ways to make healthy living fun for everyone.  This can include adding in some rewards along the way.

Get Support

Living with diabetes can be a lot, even when you are an adult.  But when it comes to having a diabetic child, you will want to increase the size of your support network.  It could be as simple as finding other parents in your area going through the same thing or to get online to see what is out there for parents.

This could include reaching to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, now known as the JDRF, and the American Diabetes Association.  Both organizations offer a bevy of support tools for the parents of diabetic children.  In addition, there is no shortage of books on the subject, though you might want to talk to other parents or check out the reading lists offered by national organizations as you start your journey.

Having a child with diabetes might seem overwhelming at first but it is not the end of the world.  Instead, the keys are to increase your understanding about the condition, focus on healthy living, and increasing your support network.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe around Horses

Having a horse can be an exciting experience for a child. However, horses are very powerful animals and children need to be taught how to stay safe when they are around horses. The following tips can help parents keep their children safe when they are near horses.

First, it is important for parents to set a good example. They want to pay attention to how they handle the horse in order to set the right example for their children. When you set rules for how your child must interact with the horses, show your child how to follow these rules. For example, use your voice to let the horse know where you are. Walking up behind a horse can startle it. This has led to children and adults being kicked and injured. However, when your children see you using your voice to let the horse know where you are and you follow other rules, they will do the same.

Second, make sure that the horse your child rides is appropriate for their age and their size. It is also important to watch your child and the horse as the child gains experience. The more you know about the horse and your child’s experience with horses, the more ready you will be to avert disaster and allow everyone to have a good experience working with the horse.

Third, offer your kids the ability to take riding lessons from a professional. This third suggestion may be necessary if you do not have a lot of riding experience yourself. When you do riding lessons, your children need to have appropriate clothing, like girls riding pants, for example. Working with a professional will help your children to learn all of the rules of riding and help them to handle the horse in a safe way.

Fourth, if possible, get your kid involved with an equestrian organization or club. The great thing about doing something like this is that it helps your kid stay focused, and it helps them to learn how to work with horses in the proper way. It provides them with a hobby that they will enjoy. They will be outside working with nature. And for many kids who have belonged to a equestrian organization or club, they have grown up to make a living with a career that is somehow related to working with horses.

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I Can Definitely Find What I Need

My kids ages 5 and 12 and two college aged nieces are really into electronics. Whenever my youngest asks my husband for something, she will ask for a tablet computer or a smart phone. She is much better with technology than either me or my husband. So we have been looking around, both in stores and online to see if we could find an affordable tablet for my little one. Lazada.com (http://www.lazada.com.ph) has a lot of nice deals.

One of the things we looked at was the Cherry Mobile Fusions tablet. It is well within our budget and I think it is something our 5 year old would really enjoy. You can see it here: http://www.lazada.com.ph/cherry-mobile. Of course Lazada has a wide selection of products and it is I encourage you to take a look at what they have to offer.

I enjoy shopping, whether it is going to the mall or shopping on line. If nothing else I can see what is available and compare prices. Whether I buy something or just browse, tablets, computers, or any gadgets I always enjoy my visits to the Lazada.com website. Whether I buy something for the kids or the kitchen, I can find what I need. I adore so much this tablet below:

 photo securedownload_zps86270d44.png

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Being Organized Is Part Of Growing Up

Done with the living room arrangement, and so I did the niece room and today in my daughter room. And so my sneezing is nonstop and yet I have to send my eldest daughter to Kumon this afternoon. Good thing that my niece Mariel does not have school so she helped me cleaning the whole room. My back is painful when we were finally done but the sweats are all worth it. I hope this will take a while to get messy again; it’s tiring to clean and re-organized all these stuffs again. Geez the kids seem doesn’t care at all. When can they realize that cleaning and re-organizing stuffs are a part of growing up?

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