I Had A Nice Dinner At The Friend’s Friend House

Last night, Joyce’s friend invited her and I to go to her house,  actually this is the 2nd time that I went to visit to their house. My friend supposedly would escort her for driving but when we went to the house, the husband did not approve of her to drive at nighttime because she could not see the road, clearly. So we just stayed at their house for a while to have dinner. I am really impressed of how she is passionate with cooking her mashed potato is great. I don’t actually like mashed potato but last night I finished it all.

 They will move out soon, they will go abroad at the end of the month. Her husband is a British and lives here for a year now, this time they have to concentrate their business abroad. The food that we had helped me get through the night, my car overheats last night and it was draining to figure out what happen, good thing there are people around who are willing to help without asking in return. It was tiring, good thing my friend’s friend offered us a very sumptuous dinner. It paid my exhausting night.

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It Is Definitely Not Bitter

A house is not a home when you are not complete, yes I would agree with that but a house is not a home when one of you will not reciprocate. So even though your husband is not with you because he is working abroad that doesn’t mean that your family is bitter because there are families that even though they are complete they are not happy because it may be the husband has another third party or the other way around, or may be the foods that you prepare in the table is not enough for the whole family because you are short of funds. I am not against of a complete family even though it was hard for them to live because the income is not enough, I am also not against of a family who choose to work abroad because they want the best future for their love ones, it’s their choice, it’s their happiness, it is definitely not “bitter“.

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Kids Nowadays

I had a fight with my eldest daughter again tonight; she was just a pain in the butt lately. When I asked her something she would always tell me “wait”. I keep on telling her to cut that out because it is really not good until tonight, I have lost my patience towards her. When she finished her training, she and her friends went to the bathroom immediately to take a shower, we were waiting at the club house, I already told her to hurry up but she did not so since it took her a while to take a shower, we were not able to buy 2 bulbs for two bedrooms because the store was already closed. Good thing the pharmacy still open so I was able to buy my medicine for my cough. Geez, sometimes kids are unaware of their parent’s hard work, they just thought that the things in this life is always the bed of roses. Honestly I get too tired but I know I just can’t because they are just kids and that they still need us more than anyone in this world. I just hope they understand why we get mad at them, why we scold and reprimanded them and I hope they would realized that whenever we correct their mistakes, these are all for them so they would grow up decent and well-disciplined.

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It is my expertise to budget, even before I was in college… that was my role. There was even one time that I had given 10 pesos for my fare and I have to budget it for one week. Now, don’t ask me how did I work it out, I don’t even know how to magic, it is just that I made it.

Moreover, when I was waiting for Mj to finish her session at Kumon, I tried to note down my expenses for today, I only have few cash in my wallet yet I got huge monthly dues to pay, not to mention the side mirror of my car. I have to replace the old one, that’s why I left the other one at the supplier for them to look for available stocks in Manila and they just have to contact me how much the cost is. I tell you I am trying so hard these days to live within my means but sometimes it is just so hard to follow it while everything is increasing, the grocery, the foods, tuition fees, etc., etc.

It is indeed hard to be the budget finance for the family, it is not that my husband is not giving us enough; in fact he gave us more than I asked from him. But that extra was spent to the extra expenses I incurred almost everyday, just like the sudden riding in a taxi cab, the three rides instead of a two rides of jeepney, the projects and the extra activities of the kids. I am just lucky because my husband understands me very well yet I feel like I am being too dependent on him. I need to cut down my expenses but how would I be able to do it, when I really don’t shop for extra, I don’t even shop for myself. It is just so frustrating to know that every each journey we have, it is hard to ride a jeepney. Don’t mind me, I just don’t know what to write, yay!

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