Got My Check!

I am just so happy that after 2 months, I finally got my check from SSS. I applied for another loan from SSS for me to be able to either repair our car or add the funds to renovate the house. But on the second thought, I will have my car repair using the money that I got from the loan. I can’t wait to finally fix the car but wait, I still have to claim my driver’s license and renew the car in no time after I have the car fixed. I will sell the car actually but if it still not sold out yet, I will use it for the meantime; the earning from the car will be either for another car or have the house renovated. Hopefully, I can accomplish one of these this year.

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One Gift I Would Buy For Him

My husband had so many plans when he retires and that includes of buying a house in Australia or Netherland but if our funds are not enough maybe a house here would do. He plans to put up a business as well, for me and our kids. I always thank my husband for putting us, his priority, for providing us, and for supporting us. That is why I thought of some personalized retirement gifts I would buy for him; I won’t tell what it is yet, since I would like to surprise him when that time comes. I know my gift could not pay him enough of the goodness he did for us, but I am sure we are his reason enough for him of his contentment and happiness.
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If its for us

I am starting to save for that car; somebody deals it with me last week. Since my husband just paid his tax last week, we asked the owner if we could make a down payment then the full payment will be later, I hoped we can do that this week. But with what I have now, it is still not enough yet for the payment we agreed on.
My husband paid the huge amount of money for his tax yet he is doing his best to produce the money that I told him. If only I had a job right now I could help him with the expenses but I only depend from the earnings I can get from my blog. It is such a wrong timing because chances are so slim nowadays; I don’t have that much task since last week and the other week. Yet I am still hoping I could earn fewer weeks from now. God would provide I know, if the car is intended for us then it will.
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The Need of Getting a Car

I and one parent from the swimming class of my daughter, plan for getting a student driver’s license very soon, while we are learning how to drive. We are pursuing now this plan this year because it is already too costly to ride a taxi cab, and it is too hassle for us to get a public vehicle going home since we mostly gets home late at night already. I am silly not to plan of buying a car for us last year, as I thought we could be with my husband very soon but it didn’t happen so I guess it is better to jump to another plan.
Yet one thing I also need to attend is as to which or what shop will I trust when my car has some issues like breaks or the tire and worst if I get stuck in the middle of the road, my husband told me that in his place, they have the best towing services and if your truck needs some parts, the curt trailer hitches will always be there to take care of you and your truck. How I wish they have a company branch so we also could enjoy their high rating service, but on the other note, I might just ask a friend if she knew some shops to take care of my truck or car or whichever I will buy in the future, I am sure she could help me with that since she has been driving for how many years now.
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