Eliminating Dangerous Pests with Eco-Friendly Methods

The Zika virus outbreak has everyone worried about mosquito infestations. These pests no longer just inflict itchy and bothersome welts when they bite you. They can now infect you with a virus that could lead to serious health consequences. When you want to get rid of mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals like sprays or foggers, you can get rid of these pests by using eco-friendly products like tablets, water treatment for mosquitoes, traps, and more. These methods are safe for the earth and also do not put you or your family at risk of chemical exposure.

Innovative Mosquito Treatments

You may be familiar with the most commonly used methods to get rid of mosquitoes. You can use sprays like repellents before going outdoors. You can also use foggers and indoor pesticides to kill mosquitoes in your home or workplace.

As effective as these products may be, they also may leave you coughing and gagging at their smell and lingering vapor or mist. They also cling to your clothing and make your skin sticky and dirty.

Rather than use conventional methods to get rid of these pests, you can eliminate them at their source by using traps and tablets in water where they like to lay eggs and live. These traps require little care or attention. You put them in the water along with two tablets and let the traps do their job to attract and kill mosquitoes.

You can use this method wherever you have standing water in your yard. For example, mosquitoes tend to be drawn to bird baths because they hold water for long periods of time without evaporating. Likewise, mud puddles are another favorite place where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and hide. You can put these traps in the standing water without presenting a risk to birds and other wildlife. The treatments also will not harm the soil or air.


The Zika outbreak will stay fresh in people’s minds for months. You can help allay their fears even before summer starts by selling these traps in a fundraiser.

People who want to keep mosquitoes at bay will buy the treatments for their homes. They also may buy more because of how eco-friendly these traps are.

Mosquitoes present a health danger that many people now fear. You can get rid of these pests and the Zika threat by using eco-friendly tablets and traps.

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