Too Sleepy

It is good to be back, I missed my computer so much as I did not bring my mini laptop when we went out of town. I wanted to rest my hands from clicking the ec and for adgitizing. The hotel that we stayed in was pretty nice, it was small but it is so neat. Anyway, I have to sleep now folks, I am really too sleepy already.
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A Confusing Post

I am always like this, I am dozing off here in the computer but when I tried to take a nap earlier, I just could not sleep, my eyes were close but my mind seems working. So I got up and did some EC dropping and adgitizing here, I thought I was logged in at the adgitize with the blog that I was advertising. I look at the time, I know I can make 50 drops before the cut off but then I just realized I am using the other account. Do you understand this post? Because I feel like I don’t understand it at all. I know this post seems so confusing, I think I really need to take a nap right after I finished the adgitizing.
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I had a good long nap

Finally, I took a long good nap this afternoon after I drove for 2 hours in downtown. I was still sleepy when we went out this morning to send Mj to her training. It was dreadfully so hot, good thing that we had a nice shed at the pool to help us to cool off. The ice cream in the canteen’s freezer looks so tempting so I bought one. I wanted to read my book but I forgot to bring it.

Even though we got a nice shed at the pool, when the training was finally done, I was dozing off again; I just then have to wake up when during my driving lessons. I was able to control already the steering wheel but I still had an issue when I have to turn left or right and especially in parking the car. Anyway, I would learn all that in the future, I just have to have guts. Oh geez, I love taking a nap when I get too tired because I am certain that when I get up, my energy would be back again.

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Brewed Coffee Anyone?

I did not have enough sleeps last night; I was at first watching my favorite drama series in TV before blogging. The scene is getting so exciting and suspense since Jerome and Angela saw each other, Angela thought it was really Jerome but Jerome pretended he is not, instead he showed it to them that he is Chan Jung Wong.
After I watched Green Rose, I immediately updated some of my blogs and EC dropping as well. All in all I only have almost 5 hours of sleep then I have to wake up early in the morning to chat with my husband, to prepare our breakfast then send Jm to the gym.
Now, here I am at their canteen trying to open my eyes so wide, if only I could put a stick in my eyes to stay it open, I already have done that. On that note, I must order a coffee for me to stay awake, sad to say but they don’t have any other flavor but a brewed coffee, well this helps me to stay awake the whole day, definitely brewed coffee had a strong flavor than of those sweet flavored coffee.
Brewed coffee anyone?
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