Mama, I want to go to the pool

My youngest daughter cried so hard this morning when sister Merlyn has to go out to send Jm to her activity. She was telling me to get all her stuff for swimming so she could go to her swimming session but today was decided to be a break from her activity and so I could stay inside the house and relax. F was so mad, she sobbed so hard and tried to drag me outside the house, I felt pity for her and I said sorry. In a little while, she was playing and watching her favorite ABC in a DVD.
Next month, she would be going to school for summer class, we will try to enroll her before she would face a real school this coming school year. I hope she would behave her best and would listen to her teacher.
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Mommy Moments : Purple

We visited Jm one day at her school during their PE at South Pacific; their PE is to learn how to swim since she knows how to swim and was under training, she always got the highest score in PE.
The pictures below were taken after we visit Jm; my youngest daughter F amazed me with her stolen shots. She looks like she really posed for me.
My baby F strike a pose for a moment before heading to the pool

Looking at her shadow

Amazed, actually waiting for the tricycle

Seems like the waiting is over

Looks like the tricycle is now approaching

Take note of the Barney she was holding, now it makes this post an entry for:

mommy moments

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And I am so excited about it

I am still so sleepy; I would probably take a nap after I am finished here. Good thing, I don’t have to rush myself to go out because Jm has a tutor today at school and so I told her she doesn’t have to go to her training. I am actually fed up of the same lame story that her coach was telling us, if only we did not exerted our effort to go to the pool almost everyday, we will never be here anymore and if only he did tell us clearly last year of more fees and such, we did not continued this training. The problem is he covers up those things up then he blows it up in our face when the year starts. Anyway, few months to go and we’re done here and I am so excited about it.
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Sick but Pursuing

I am worried again, Jm is again suffering from cough and runny nose, and she has been sneezing since yesterday at school up to their dryland at the training. I bought some medicines last night for her to take when we arrived home and this morning I told her to take that at lunch. She slept in the living room last night so my youngest daughter won’t catch up the colds.

The weather is so unpredictable these days, it gets too hot in the morning, and the rain pours so hard in the evening. And I always forgot to bring my umbrella. It’s ironic because if I would bring my umbrella with me, it won’t rain. Anyway, few months from now, Jm will be preparing for a serious training on summer and maybe after the novice, she would slow down a bit and concentrate on other things. A new sports perhaps? Well, let’s see…

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