Always On The Go

Yes, I am here at the clubhouse, while waiting for Jm I guess it is not a bad idea at all if I will have to finish all the necessary I need to do online. I did not bring my charger though so I must hurry now. On the other hand, I may have to go out early tomorrow to run some errands before I will fetch my daughter, so as I said I need to finish this thing up so if ever there’s a pending that I needed to do tomorrow, at least I won’t be staying long in the computer. So folks here’s the SAHM always on the go for her kids, honestly I am already tired of sending my daughter to the pool but because she wants and she loves swimming, I have no choice but to be supportive of the sports that she fell in love with.


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And I am so excited about it

I am still so sleepy; I would probably take a nap after I am finished here. Good thing, I don’t have to rush myself to go out because Jm has a tutor today at school and so I told her she doesn’t have to go to her training. I am actually fed up of the same lame story that her coach was telling us, if only we did not exerted our effort to go to the pool almost everyday, we will never be here anymore and if only he did tell us clearly last year of more fees and such, we did not continued this training. The problem is he covers up those things up then he blows it up in our face when the year starts. Anyway, few months to go and we’re done here and I am so excited about it.
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Dryland Today

Jm had been absent for how many days on her training for swimming. We just got back regularly last week. And since it was raining during their training at the pool for two nights already, my daughter suffered again a bit of cough and runny nose. She just called me a while ago to tell me that she keeps on sneezing at school, I just told her we will going to go to her pediatrician tomorrow after the class, so to buy her a new medicine.
Good thing, they don’t have to swim today, they will only be having a dryland, stretching and exercising. That means they would finished it as early as 8 p.m. therefore we could go home as early as possible. But that doesn’t mean, we won’t bring much stuff, I have to bring a mat, extra t-shirt, rubber shoes and jogging pants, geez, the life of being the Mom. LOL!
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You Got To Have Patient

We just arrived home from Mj’s training, good thing the gate was still open when we went out otherwise we have to walk too far and we have to passed by some dark area to get to where the tricycles are posting for passengers. When things like this would happen, I always wish I have a car so it is not hard for us to go home even though it is late already. But I guess before you can have what you want, you got to have patient before you can have it.
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