Efficient with her performance

Yesterday, my eldest daughter’s coach called me and told me about Mj’s stroke. He said it is almost perfect and her speed is really fast. Now, if she would be here everyday, her speed would be faster, many would cry over her being so efficient with her speed during the competition. LOL! Well, no matter what, if ever she win or lose, I always be so proud of her.
On the other hand, as I was looking at Mj’s freestyle stroke, her hand glides perfectly. Until now I just can’t believe that she was able to do what I haven’t done before. I am quiet impressed of her performance, she is indeed a very sporty kiddo, and I am so glad that she chooses swimming as her main sport.
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Big Chance

I slept too late last night and to be exact I think I hit the bed around 2:00 a.m., already. I was just so busy clicking with Adgitize on my other blog. Anyway I hope it would worth my effort and time, because I heard they would really pay you not that big, only a fair amount for clicking 100 pages per day.
Mj’s coach asked me about getting her an advance swimming lessons after the basic because she has potential to become a swimmer, he said it would be advantage if Mj would continue the training since she really love it and so determined to do the stroke. In fact she doesn’t want to be around in the kids’ pool anymore instead she is always longing for the big pool. But I got one problem though, when she would start the competitive training, our place is too far away from where they held the training, that means we cannot go there after class, so the coach look for means so Mj would have a spot for the training. He said that we can go there on Friday and Saturday when the classes begin.
I hope Mj would be determined and willingly take the challenge; she sometimes scared when it comes to competitions and stuff. For her she is only an average girl who doesn’t brag herself to become one of a kind but for me she is an extraordinary kid who have full of life and a brighter future ahead and whatever she would become I always be there and always be proud of her.
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